Zwift London

 I saw in a post elsewhere that the London course may get extended in the future with additional landmarks. Any truth in this?

I love the course by the way, its a worthy addition.

What does the weekly schedule of courses look like now? Does the London course now fall somewhere Monday to Friday along with Richmond? With the Island course still being on weekends?

London will most definitely become part of the regular rotation :slight_smile: We post the upcoming month’s schedule under the Announcements section. Next month looks like this.

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It would be nice to have course info in game when we select route. Without zwiftblog I’d have no idea what I’m doing.

The London course is cool so nothing against it. It’s by far better than Richmond was. Anyways…what i dont understand is why a user can’t select London or Watopia when entering his/her ride. I know you guys don’t want an empty world but we are just talking about 2.

Looking at the August schedule there are no London courses on the weekends. Can we get some rotation happening (switch Watopia and London) around every fortnight or something so there’s a bit of variety for those that can only use Zwift certain days of the week.

Steve/Andre - you can ‘hack’ the system by altering the xml file you will find in your Zwift folder.  Here is a copy of the hack posted elsewhere.

Zwift HQ currently places everyone on the same course, according to the monthly course schedule which is posted each month in the Zwift Support Hub. Eventually riders will be able to choose which course they ride on. Until then, here’s an easy hack that lets you pick your course on Zwift.
You have a prefs.xml file in your Zwift user directory (which is in your Documents/Zwift directory). Open this file in a text editor like Notepad, and simply add the following text to force Zwift to place you in Watopia or Richmond.
To ride Watopia, add: <WORLD>1</WORLD>
To ride Richmond, add: <WORLD>2</WORLD>
To ride London, add: <WORLD>3</WORLD>
This text should go directly after the <ZWIFT> tag at the top of the file, or just before the </ZWIFT> tag. (If you place it inside of a section like “<DEVICES>” then it will not work properly.)

Here is a sample prefs.xml file which would force Zwift to always place you in Watopia (added text is in red):

The big advantage that Zwift has over other platforms of it’s type is lots of people online at the same time so there’s always someone to ride with. However that brings it’s own set of challenges, firstly that the courses can’t be too long because riders would get spread out, secondly you don’t want the riders that are on split between many courses. So a calendar rotation is a good way to do that, the key is to mix it up so that if you can only ride on Sunday (for example) you don’t get Richmond every single time every month forever.

That said allowing user selection should be something that’s implemented without editing XML files. e.g. On the login screen the course of the day should be auto selected every time, but give you the option to change it to something else.

Totally Agree with having the choice where you want to ride on any day without having to use the hack. 

Wouldnt it also provide zwift with feedback as to which courses ppl prefer to ride, not just because they have to. Then they can use that information for future developments, planning add ons for courses etc.

I haven’t ride London yet it doesn’t even show in the choices of rides… What to do??? Is that a Mac thing I have to download something or hack which I don’t know how??? Please someone HELP…!!!


The thing to do is read the posts in this thread. It has all the information you need.

I found out what it was, after seen the August course schedule all black (Watopia) and not even Richmond (white) showing I decided uninstall and download and install ZWIFT again… Now all works fine…   :o)

Following on from Kevin Duell’s post above, if you ‘hack’ into the course of your liking (at a time when it isn’t scheduled) as per his instructions and you keep riding to the point where the course does become scheduled, what will happen? Will you suddenly be joined by all other riders? Or will you stay riding in your own parallel of that world?