Course schedule

I’m new to Zwift and while I enjoy Watopia I’d really like to have London and Richmond on the calendar more often. Or even new routes. I can’t base my riding on location so more chances with the two rare locations would be great!

In other news I ride better on Zwift than I do in real life. What’s up with that?

You can edit the World Tag to ride any course you like:

For the most part Watopia is the most popular and Richmond is the least liked (saying it nicely).

Not sure if you are aware of the Zwift Course Calendar located here:

If you are happy to edit the zwift/prefs.xml file you can ride any course you choose Lisa. 

Ride On!

Or this -


Lisa: some day, maybe this northern winter, you won’t need a hack to choose which “world” you want to ride in, independent of the calendar. Especially in Richmond (because it’s shorter and only one way), one course can get crowded with the thousands of Zwifters riding at the same time.