Give us free world selection - Watopia London Richmond

(Marc Doerrenhaus) #1

You have created a super amazing product! It is pricy but well worth it in my eyes if it was not for the schedule feature… 

Especially with Alpe du Zwift rolling out, free world selection  will be welcome!!!

We all pay a proud amount (well above any subscription based high end video game) to use zwift and cannot get free world selection? Are you serious!!? 

Many Zwifter do not care about how many others they are riding with - but they do care a lot about where they are riding - personally (training for IMs) I found myself changing my plans and skipping sessions in order to be able to get in a Watopia ride. 

Can you pls. fix this? 



(Paul Allen) #2

Been suggested MANY times (I am guessing the number one most requested) and you should make sure you vote up the existing requests also.

Here is a little search for some, but not all:

You can edit the World Tag to ride any course of your choosing.

(Zak P) #3

I wish it was easy to edit the world tag on an iPad. Making it an in-game option would be fantastic. Oh my aching Richmond…

(Pete Findon RCC (C)) #4

I agree completely with this. Frankly, if it’s London or Richmond these days, I don’t want to ride. They’re boring as hell.

(Zak P) #5

Seriously.  It’s time.  

I have a moderate ride scheduled in my calendar today .  It’s dumping buckets outside AND it’s Richmond day on Zwift.  Tough call.