New to Zwift! Is this a daft question???

Do the routes you can ride change daily/weekly or can you ride all the routes all the time? Reason for asking is I can only find the routes that come up after signing in! Am I doing something wrong! Sorry if this is a stupid question :roll_eyes:

Thanks in advance.

Chris: the “world” changes throughout the month. Each world has different courses. and you can choose a course when you start your ride.

The “world” schedule is available several places. One is here on the Zwift website: .

Thanks Steve,  I was, wrongly as it turns out, under the impression that you could ride any of the routes at any time!! Thanks for the information and the link.

There is a “hack” to choose any of the three “worlds” on any day. It’s fairly easy on the PC or Mac for someone comfortable with editing text files or installing a program.

Maybe the easiest option is to download and run the compiled version of Zwift Preferences available freely at .

The least “invasive” option is to edit the prefs.xml file on your computer, as described at .

  • "You have a prefs.xml file in your Zwift user directory (which is in your Documents/Zwift directory on PC/Mac). Open this file in a text editor like Wordpad and simply add the following text to force Zwift to place you in Watopia, Richmond or London.

To ride Watopia, add: <WORLD>1</WORLD>
To ride Richmond, add: <WORLD>2</WORLD>
To ride London, add: <WORLD>3</WORLD>"

Eric also describes an iOS hack here: .

Eventually Zwift will build world selection into the native Zwift apps themselves.

Thanks again Steve, sounds a bit complicated to a tech idiot like me!! But I will certainly have a look and give it a go, it’s not mega important that I’m able to ride anywhere I just misunderstood how it worked! Thanks again for sharing your knowledge :ok_hand::+1:t3: