Other courses

I am new at Zwift. Does anyone know if it is possible to ride other courses than Watobia?

Best regards, Karsten

At this point ZWIFT is running either Watopia or the Richmond course. See https://support.zwift.com/hc/en-us/articles/206104046-Course-Schedule-for-November for the November schedule. 

I don’t know if/when ZWIFT will get to the point that you can chose among courses (I am a ZWIFT newbie).



Watopia will be an ever expanding world with make-believe places and themes, much like disney world.  You’ll be able to ‘choose your own adventure’ so to speak and make a ride that you want to do.   There are also guest courses that are available from time to time.  The current one is the Richmond UCI World Championship course.  Currently every Sunday through Tuesday we herd everybody over to the guest course (you can see the course calendar on the drop in screen).

Jon - thanks for the info - it would be incredibly cool if we could choose to make our own turns and see where the road leads. Head to the hills in the distance, or head downtown - that kind of thing. Just different buttons on the phone app to control when to turn.

Please don’t ever get rid of the Richmond course. It is much better for doing longer rides as long as one remembers to pace oneself on the triple whammy of hills at the end of each lap!

Yes, Richmond is better for Sweet Spot riding.