How to change "Ride Type" and course

It looks like on a given day you can only ride one course.  True?

Also, it looks like there are only two courses: Richmond and Watopia.  True?

Finally, a friend posted a ride he did on Zwift using “Segments by Strava” to ride any course.  Can’t find app or way to do this.  Anyone know how?

The course is decided by day, yes.   We do have 2 courses, however Watopia is becoming more of a “choose your own adventure” type of course where you can take turns and go where you’d like to go to make a climbing day, an easy day, etc.

I don’t have any idea about the Segments by Strava thing.

So let me understand this. Everybody has been riding in Richmond since Thursday Jan 7 2016 and their is no way to change this? Is this correct? or am I missing something. Everytime I log in, I can not ride Flat, Hills or Surprise me. Pleas clarify this as I need to make a decision on your app as this has driven me crazy for 3 days now. Your quick response is greatly appreciated. 

Currently, Zwift decides which of the two courses, Richmond and Watopia, is available at one time. The rider does not choose this. The current, January 2016 schedule is here:

Only Watopia has turns/choices, and thus only on Watopia can a rider choose flat, hills, or surprise me. You will see this choice in the drop in screen. You can override the choice at any time by using the arrows on your keyboard (or smart phone app) to make a turn as you approach it.

“Segments by Strava” is an iPad app which allows some trainers to virtually ride Strava segments from the real world. It has nothing whatsoever to do with Zwift.

Hey Travis. Thanks for the quick reply. I just noticed this yesterday when I went on my ride and saw your response. Thanks so much for your help as well. Now I just need to figure out the Iphone 6sPlus Mobile Link app. Loving Zwift alot. 

So I guess another very cool thing could be to add different courses? if able to do that then you would be the most competitive trainer in the market, as it is social and challenging but also gives you the ability to ride in many different places!