Zwotopia course / terrain

Hello.  Second time user here.  

On my first ride I was provided the option for flat or hilly, this time I was not…how can I select terrain?

I was unable to find Zwotopia ( which I rode two days ago) this time, only London, is there a way to make a favorite course to facilitate selection the next time?

appreciate the insight.

Thank you


You will have to stick with what’s on the menu on a given day. There are only 3 courses; Watopia, London, and Richmond, and they are being alternated throughout the week. Look at the Zwift calendar for more info. In another word, if Thursday is the London day, then you can’t ride the other two courses, at least not now. I think they are looking into changing that in the near future. Within each course, there are some route options; flat, hilly, mountain, etc. and these options are on the drop-down menu before you hit the Start button to ride. Hope this explanation will clear it up some for you. Have fun!

Thank you Caiman, I appreciate the information, it was helpful.  

Michel has a very good description of the different courses and the route options.