Course selection

(Sylvain Guenette) #1

 It would be very appreciated to have the possibility to select a course based on our preference and not be stuck to a course schedule.  Is that in the works?


(Alan Le Map) #2

Yes, I’d prefer to choose between Watopia and Richmond courses too. As at Jan 2016 it is still determined by a calendar.

(Joel Duncan) #3

I wish they could add some kind of off-road course as well.

(Mark Hewitt) #4

Eric Min has said that this is coming but “there is some work to do”.

The concern of course is that if you put in a choice the number of riders on each course will get diluted. And I suspect if you had a choice of Richmond or Watopia, most would choose Watopia leaving Richmond very quiet. 

Even then I would like a choice now and again, my preferred solution is to pick up Richmond and transplant it into Watopia so you can turn a corner from the undersea tunnel and voila you’re in Richmond!

(Alan Le Map) #5


Good to know its getting worked on.

Fair point.

On riders getting diluted, I don’t see that as all that bad;

  1. it gets pretty crowded already when there are 1000+ users on it, 
  2. Zwift users are growing. I don’t know the rate, but it is either a steep or exponential curve, at a (wild) guess
  3. people could choose a course based on if they like crowded (social) or sparse 

I still look forward to long climbing stages being opened  :-) . Any idea when the Mountain stage is due to open?

(Mark Hewitt) #6

I’m not too bothered either about how many riders are on, as long as there are some. Much of my riding is about 6am UK time when it’s pretty quiet anyway.

Mountain course is supposed to be some time around March.

(Sylvain Guenette) #7

Should there be a course selection choice, I would guess the crowd would split evenly across all available courses as each rider probably has an objective or preference on a given day (all speculation on my part of course).  

An option would be to always offer 2 courses:  One mostly flat  and another with more climbs…

I guess we are spoiled and just keep wanting more.  Thanks to the Zwift team!   





(Jason Savage) #8

Being able to switch between Richmond and Zwift Island is my most wanted feature, I don’t mind riding Richmond but only when I want to ride it, Watopia is clearly the course of choice now especially with the route options.

If the only reason for not allowing this yet is the number of riders on a course then this really doesn’t hold water any more, plenty of riders on the system now that each course should have some riders, even if riders are sparse on a course I really couldn’t give a monkeys, what matters to me it choice of circuit.

(Mark Hewitt) #9

I had thought that with the release of the mountain route that it would come with a course selection feature. So far there isn’t although there is still time before Thursday.

However with the mountain course I’m not prepared to tolerate lapping Richmond instead of climbing a mountain, so I’ve modified my prefs.xml and I expect a lot will be doing the same.