Let U's choose what course to ride

Now I am paying for Zwift and relay would be able to choose what to ride, My self I very much dislike Richomd, riding city blocks up and down is so boring that I don’t log in those days, so a list of courses and number of riders on them would be the right way to go, So I hope that after next update be able to choose form Island, Watopia and Richmond.

We hear you. The ability to choose course is in the pipeline, though we don’t have an ETA for release just yet. Course schedules are published under What’s New > Announcements. November’s schedule can be found here.

I’m told you can change the date on your computer to get the course desired. Presumably won’t be many people there. Sad to have to workaround this way but I can see this being a probable challenge to implement and probably had its place.

That’s unlike the remember me requestS here that combined outweigh all others by far and should take a couple lines of code to at least remember the last username. Again there is a workaround with the OS or browser remembering the username and password I read about in another post. That and the exciting the game issue - which likely would be less of an issue if the login were fixed. 

Why doesn’t zwift just embed zwift preferences into the startup. You get to choose your course using it. Surely given the amont of people on zwift now, it often feels too crowded now, or for special events it would allow balancingof the server load. There were about 1300 people riding watopia the other night whilst london had about 2500 as the designated course.In fact why doesn’t Zwift work with someone like Microsoft studios the makers of Forza and take on their collection of amazingly rendered courses/backdrops.