WHO needs the Course Schedule ?

(Jochen Leissner) #1

I would like to decide myself which course to ride. Today i.E. I was looking forward to cycling the new Mountain Route (which i love so much).
i logged into the Game and - how disappointing:
the Schedule for today says: UCI Richmond.
I hate this course!
So i decided not to ride today.

Why don’t you give the Members the right to decide on their own, which course they prefer?

WHO needs this Course Schedule? 

my request is marked as answered, but for me it’s not!
I still have this request.

(Paul Allen) #2

You could have just changed the date on your computer or edit the prefs.xml file.

(Matt Canna) #3

The course schedule is on the ride screen.  its int the lower right hand corner.

(I might have these inveresed)

black circle = watopia

white circle = richmond


(. TomH..) #4

Hi guys, 

We don’t recommend changing the time or anything else as it can cause some problems with Zwift software and many other softwares you might have installed in your PC. 

We are looking at some different options for you. 

Stay tuned and Ride On!

(Stan Yeatts) #5

Here is what I did to by-pass the Richmond course…


(Blake Owen) #6

I used the preference file mod to stay on Watopia like Stan did. 

(Anthony Cree (STC)) #7

I also changed the pref file to stick with Watopia.  It’s especially frustrating to see the calendar say Watopia, yet login and have it be Richmond due to time differences.  Richmond was a nice diversion at the time.  It’s ready to be retired, or relegated to those who want it for events, IMO.

(Andrew Jarrod) #8

I’ve modifed my XML file so it only rides Watopia now and this transforms Zwift into a 7 day tool I can use without having to think about Richmond or using other software instead.

Not only do I agree with the above comment, but I don’t want to be forced to ride any new tracks that follow Richmond either (Rio / whatever) I’d like to choose.

We were promised the ability to select courses as we went from beta to live, yet here we are months later with Ocean routes, Mountain routes and still no choice. Yet this must be a VERY simple change to make in comparison to other features being developed.

I’m sure it will get done, but for the moment I’m happy with the manual workaround.

(David Griscom YCW) #9

I dont disagree that it would be nice to be able to select the course but I have to ask: Why do so many people hate the Richmond course?

(Daren Chandisingh [Vision]) #10

“Why do so many people hate the Richmond course?”

Dunno for sure, but it’s drab and uninspiring compared to Watopia. Watopia has lush, verdant verges, a mountain, underwater section, a whale and the ability to U-turn to add variety.

Richmond has a few turns we can make now, but all in all it’s just a less satisfying experience. I don’t think there’s anything Richmond offers that Watopia can’t beat hands down. 

(Jochen Leissner) #11

I am NOT looking for a way to cheat the Game.

what i am asking for is so simple. Since there are 2 courses

at the moment, i need something like a menu to chose from

which course i want to ride! This should’t be so difficult to realize.


Do i, als a paying customer expect too much?