Let us choose the course

(Dallas Zurcher) #1



Just wanted to let you know, I’m always bummed that I can’t choose zwift island.  Please let us choose the course we ride.

(Scott) #2

We hear you. The ability to choose course is in the pipeline, though we don’t have an ETA for release just yet. Course schedules are published under What’s New > Announcements. November’s schedule can be found here.

(W oody TeamODZ) #3

Hi Zwift…

Please get new courses as well ASAP… i really like Zwift, but for 10USD a month and only 2 courses to ride (not even to choose by myself) is not really what i expected ( i dont Need the Workout-Programs, sorry)

Thx a lot…

(Mike Blaszczak) #4

The Course Schedule for November wasn’t posted until November 20.  That’s not very useful.

(Dave Bradbury 🚴ATR♂️) #5

Can someone tell me, How do I get to ride Watopia or Zwift Island? I’ve ridden Richmond several times and seen others who have ridden Watopia but I cant find out how! Does it have to be unlocked or something?

(Nigel Rigg) #6

As above how do I ride Watopia or Zwift island? My membership isn’t going to last long being bored on the streets of London!

(Stef Levolger) #7

Hi Nigel,

Although it is not officially supported to select your own course yet, there is a workaround available. Have a look at the following guide over on zwiftblog on as to how to do it: