Let us choose the course



Just wanted to let you know, I’m always bummed that I can’t choose zwift island.  Please let us choose the course we ride.

We hear you. The ability to choose course is in the pipeline, though we don’t have an ETA for release just yet. Course schedules are published under What’s New > Announcements. November’s schedule can be found here.

Hi Zwift…

Please get new courses as well ASAP… i really like Zwift, but for 10USD a month and only 2 courses to ride (not even to choose by myself) is not really what i expected ( i dont Need the Workout-Programs, sorry)

Thx a lot…

The Course Schedule for November wasn’t posted until November 20.  That’s not very useful.

Can someone tell me, How do I get to ride Watopia or Zwift Island? I’ve ridden Richmond several times and seen others who have ridden Watopia but I cant find out how! Does it have to be unlocked or something?

As above how do I ride Watopia or Zwift island? My membership isn’t going to last long being bored on the streets of London!

Hi Nigel,

Although it is not officially supported to select your own course yet, there is a workaround available. Have a look at the following guide over on zwiftblog on as to how to do it: