New Watopia Course

(Jerry Weiss) #1

Is the new course different than the old one.  My Strava results for the new course do not show any of the old segment results

(Duane Gran [Vision]) #2

Course is the same, but since the introduction of the Richmond Worlds course there is a new ride type in Strava called a virtual ride.  Rides from Watopia now now use that ride type and the segments are different.

(Jerry Weiss) #3


(Thomas Coles) #4

Jerry, you can edit the older rides and turn them into virtual rides, or you can edit the new ones and turn them into whatever mode you want (you could even call them running I think, not sure what that would do for you).

Setting them to the same type should let you continue to compare old results to new.

You can change the activity type by going to your activity feed, clicking on a particular entry, and hitting the “Add a description” button.


(Jerry Weiss) #5

Yup - figured that one out - but thanks !