Newbie...bit lost...cant find watopia lol!

(Rolf Riley TABR'18) #1

Hi all…when i log into select a route the only options I see are the London routes and workout plans. I did find watopia once but since then I appear to have lost it lol!

I just wanted to pick a watopia route and ride solo around it a while, what did I do wrong?



(Vince DiStefano (PACK)) #2

This wasn’t clear to me at first, either. They’re not all available all the time. It’s either London or Watopia, and I believe there’s a Richmond course a few times as month. I suppose it’s because hosting two virtual worlds at once would be more than their systems could handle?


(Ray Ruyack) #3

Each month there is a course schedule -


(Rolf Riley TABR'18) #4

Aha…thank you …makes sense now :slight_smile: :slight_smile: