Add Richmond as a route option in London or Watopia Instead of separate map.

Instead of separate Richmond days (ugh!), could it be added as a place you can cycle to if you want, on the Watopia or London maps? That way it could be cycled more by people who like it, and those who don’t would never have it as the only choice a couple days a month. 

Since Zwift is supposed to be as much of a social platform as it is a game or a cycling trainer, allowing multiple course selection would likely end up fracturing the community and making the game feel much more vacant.

Eventually, we would like to allow multiple course selection, but we’ll need to ensure enough of our members are logging onto each separate course regularly enough to sustain the social and community aspects of Zwift.

I have seen a lot of interest lately in offering two courses - with Watopia being available every day. We’ll likely need to overhaul our events a bit before we can incorporate a feature like that, as I’d suspect people would miss a lot of the events they’ve scheduled due to selecting the wrong course.

Thanks for the idea, Steve. We’ll definitely take it into consideration and we always appreciate applicable feedback!

David K ,Can it on that,  allowing multiple course selection would likely end up fracturing the community , you know that was Dumb thing to say. we don’t need 6,000 rider’s on Richmond.


Why not let people ride “over the hill” or “under a tunnel” and pop out in Richmond just like we can now turn right before the waterfall and go up Alp du Zwift. That way people will all be riding on the same map just as we are now, but we won’t be overcrowded.

If the server can handle that sort of transition in a good way, why not?

People already complain that roads can be too crowded at times, and this would instantly give more miles of road to ride without making new maps even…

I like being forced to Richmond because it allows for me to have a draft 100% of the time.  Worried about fracturing the community?  Don’t worry that’s already been done with zero race moderation tools, that achievement was unlocked long ago.

To be honest i don’t care if i am the only one riding on a course, i am not here to draft or/and chat with other people but to keep me fit. What bugs me is that you get forced to ride super boring Richmond or half boring London or to forget it. My favorite Course is Watopia, its fantastic and has so much to offer to everybody. Why not have Watopia available all of the time? Expand it even more, you guys created a fantastic virtual world, let us have fun with it.

Just to point this out  as of may 30 this +5 I got -3 for saying the guy who has +5 is right, someone is have it both ways right now LOL to all the dumb ass out there give me - LOL really smart. “at the end of the day  I am here to make Zwift  better”

Why not just expand Richmond route? It’s only 10 miles.  A whole course that is shorter than other courses segments…wow, too short overall.