I’ve been Zwifting for a couple of years and am level 25.

I’m getting frustrated at the slow progress regarding new roads. The big climb was fun but I’m not going to attempt a 1000m climb every day so whilst a great piece of work it’s not very useful for a lot of us.

There was talk last year of new courses, longer rolling routes suitable for ironman training etc but nothing ever came of it.

Someone mentioned on a forum that this week’s long run of Watopia days might be a new update but nothing appeared today. Please add some new roads, I know a few people are moving back to Trainerroad or trying RGT or Virtugo so I can’t be the only one getting a bit tired of waiting.

Also, can you add a few triathlon plans in Trainer road style? If you did I think you’d corner that market. TR is highly effective but visually boring.

We do have plans, but I can’t guarantee new courses or routes are going to be available soon. We have a lot on our plate working on the Android Beta, adding new items for riding levels 20+, enhancing workout mode, working on new trainer and sensor compatibility, and along the way, making sure new changes don’t cause unforeseen issues.

New routes are on our road map. I don’t want to give you the impression that the project is on the back burner because it isn’t, but they likely aren’t going to be included in the very next release.

Could you add Richmond to another map? That would instantly extend the available routes? Or open some of those blocked roads on London?

Richmond would feel larger if riders could go in both directions.

Zwift hinted that a
new map would come online “summer of 18” as a goal date, but promised only when it is ready, not an unpolished version on a specific date. It has taken me two months to fully use the Alp, grabbing sections and wheels, and my 25th badge (wish it was a bike or a special jersey for 26 solid hours of climbing. Zwift, I’ll still accept a belated gift :slight_smile: (disc wheel, hint, hint)

Guys stop with Richmond. Richmond couldn’t be more boring. Alpe du Zwift is fantastic. I would like to see a Twin climb to Alpe du Zwift  from the other side. Zwift has enough flat roads. Richmond is completely flat so as London. Watopia has tons of flat roads too.