Any updates on when we might see a Watopia expansion?

(David) #1

Northern hemisphere is moving into Spring and we haven’t seen much change. NY took a year to arrive and wasn’t quite what people had been asking for - although it’s a nice bit of work, just claustrophobic and confusing.
Will we ever see a long rolling loop on Watopia suitable for Ironman/Half Ironman training? Will you add some trail running routes? It feels like progress ground to a halt last year. I’ve been on Zwift since the Blue Bot riders and this past year has seen the fewest additions. PLEASE get moving again!

(Mike ) #2

Apparently, there is a ‘flatish’ route being developed but when it will land is anybody’s guess.

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(Lin) #3

It was stated, “Watopia has been continuously built out with many routes to become a main hub world (and, spoiler alert, it has a mostly flat expansion coming this winter).”

That said, there are still a few days until the Spring Equinox (i.e., March 21, 2019). So let us all patiently wait until then before we start asking for answers or expressing our dissatisfaction w/the virtual construction delays in virtual Watopia :sweat_smile:

(Claus) #4

Did anybody check if he was in the southern hemisphere, when he wrote that?

(David) #5

I get the impression that expanding the road base has become a lower priority for Zwift. With all the new money coming in I was hoping we’d see an increase in the pace of new roads, but we haven’t. I know it’s still technically winter in the northern hemisphere but its too late. You can already start to see the number of riding going down as the weather warms up

(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #6

There is currently lots of roads to choose from, I would hope that there is currently more focus on the finer detail of how the game work and improvements to some wanted features.

The money was allocated for E-Sport thus more racing features. There is a lot of needed improvements for racing on zwift.

It is not the roads that keep Zwift fresh it is how we interact with it.

(David) #7

For me, new roads help keep it interesting. I dont think I am alone in that. However, we all want different things out of Zwift. At least we finally got world choice (sort of)

(Johnathan) #8

Route updates coming: Zoon™, Zwiftly™, Fall 2017, this winter, or after the next yacht dinner.

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(David) #9

Not all of us race, a lot of us use it for training and as a safe alternative to outdoor riding. They can do their race thing but shouldn’t neglect the expansion side. The construction area on the downhill into the Jungle Loop has sat untouched for months and the roads in London have been blocked by buses since the beginning. I love Watopia but a few new roads would help keep it fresh, it doesn’t have to be a whole new world, just a few additions can keep it fun.

(Johnathan) #10

Watopia has the most potential for new roads as its a fictional place but I think they could all use expansions without having to add glass roads or matching the Zwift ride data to the real roads IRL. I’m 100% okay with my rides floating around in the Pacific Ocean when I look at Strava.

(Z Kryder) #11

Paris Roubaix cobble roads are fairly flat…Arenberg forest would suit me :slight_smile:

(Lin) #12

New roads are definitely great. More roads means more options. Zwift has already stated a Watopia flat expansion is coming. What about what they have not announced? It is only March. The year is young :crossed_fingers:

But, try to remember that Zwift was busy w/both new roads and new worlds last year. They definitely were not idle. In 2018, they gave us:

Jan – London Leith Hill
April – Watopia Alpe du Zwift
August – Innsbruck
October – NYC

Did I miss something? :thinking:

As @David_Griscom states, “we all want different things out of Zwift.” Even if what they give is not what you want, it does not mean they are doing nothing. Also, the users here on this forum are highly unlikely to be a majority voice for the Zwift user base.

(Adam) #13

Agree with those points.

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(Johnathan) #14

What does that say that we got 3 expansions last year and none of them are such that people are content. To me that says those upgrades missed the mark.

I like Innsbruck, but it’s held back by the limited number of roads, same problem as Richmond but to less of an extreme since you can at least ride backwards on the courses.

The Alpe is cool occasionally but for an hour out and back road, I don’t visit it very often.

NYC…it still doesn’t do anything for me but it seems to be a favorite for folks that actually have a sentimental attachment to the park.

With that said, I agree that quality of the game, game play and racing should be the focus right now, not another missed deadline for an expansion coming “this winter”.

(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #15

I almost miss understood you. :slight_smile:

Yes it is rather interesting as soon as a new world get released there are complaints.

There is other software out there that has a lot more roads even real video but they have limited users, why because it is not new roads that make a product great it is how you interact with it.

Zwift has a lot of roads, the problem is people ride the same road day after day, look at the strava heat map, it is mostly watopia flat route.

(Paul) #16

Hopefully that gets fixed once Zwift finally implements a long flat route :grinning:

(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #17

then they will only ride the flat route… LOL

(Paul) #18

Yep, and I will be one of them :smile:

(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #19

White is Most ridden route.

(Paul) #20

Looks Watopia Flat and Volcano Flat are the most popular. Just more proof that Zwift needs to make a long flat course on Watopia.