Dear Zwift, You're not listening

Dear Zwift,

You’re not listening to your longtime users. We don’t want 12 more miles of Makuri. We don’t want the same buggy software.

We want expansions to Watopia. We want new UCI maps. We want new climbs. We want new long roads. We want bugs to be fixed within months, not years. We want better Fondo or event routes.

Seriously, you’re just not listening. Who are these expansions for?

You talk up Makuri as a new beginning, but it really feels like the end, the end of the platform, the end of the party, the moment when people give up and look for something else.

I’m starting my 5th year of Zwift and I feel like I didn’t give up on Zwift, but you guys sure gave up on the users.

I personally would rather have new roads in Makuri than Watopia, just my opinion though.


It seems like there are a number of things upcoming that have been longtime asks. Maybe YOU want more roads in Watopia, and the other things you listed, but there are definitely people who want the things that are coming out.


Nope. Nope. Nope. And nope.

And I’ve been here since Jarvis


The only two major road additions for watopia could be a loop road around epic, alp, jungle sections of the big watopia island. Then a road from top Titans grove through the desert to the town where the barricades are. Ideas posted by other people before. Makuri extensions with all the other work done for racing, events planning, pace partners, more XP levels, and behind the scene work is alot.

There are a lot of things that various people want, there are a lot of different ways Zwifters use Zwift, so I don’t think it boils down to simply the list in the OP.

People were asking for more levels - they are adding more levels, people asked for personal best bots - they are adding personal best bots, people asked for more routes - they are adding more routes (though only like 12 miles worth?), people asked for a ton of clubs functionality which they are adding, people asked for fairer racing and less sandbagging - they are improving category enforcement and working on race rankings (at least we are told), people asked for more pace partners - they are adding more pace partners, people asked for more realistic dynamics on corners at speed - they are going to slow down riders on corners now. It’s true, people also asked for more Watopia expansions, or more climbs etc… but those aren’t the only requests.


If you have been on Zwift for 5 years, you have shown a commitment to the game.
Until there is viable competition, long term users are not a priority for Zwift. New users are.
The fact that it has taken 4 years to get 10 more levels reinforces this.
I’ve been here for 6 years. I too am bored with the same roads without any updates.
But you have to admit, most of the upcoming enhancements are good to see.


I think this update is a good step in the right direction with a few long term bugbears and features added (bots, lv50+) for the long term users, and also some fresh bits for the newbies - but I really hope this is the baseline of what is to come in monthly / quarterly feature packed updates now they have binned the bike.

Agreed about Makuri - and extending Watopia and adding zwift inspired UCI routes within it.

I’ve seen some user proposed extended routes around Watopia (i think dating years back) - and they look FANTASTIC (and long) and see on the roads around Watopia some ‘dead end’ which look like they could be ways to add tunnels etc.

I really feel Zwift has a Jewel of a virtual world in Watopia, its expansive, beautiful, yet I feel they are letting it slide in preference to Makuri (which I personally don’t like at all)

I’m trying FulGaz at the moment, but Zwift is hard to beat.


most important for us is community building with clubs. Rubberbanding, races and workouts within clubs/teams should be prio one.

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If only there was a feature request board, where ideas could be posted and upvoted based on popularity.

Although I guess that would need acknowledgement, and visibility of priority and progress to be of any use whatsoever.


Next you’ll be suggesting there should be a known issues board where zwift could move stuff so you think they’re going to fix them!


There seems to be a strong correlation between the votes on the feature requests board and what we have gotten lately.
No, we can’t see the internal priority or the progress, but the votes clearly matter with regards to the priority as far as I can see. There are of course exceptions.
To me, it looks like Zwift is listening.


It’s difficult to convey tone over the internet so please take everything I’m writing in the spirit of being constructive and empathetic, not an attack.

You want new UCI maps. I couldn’t care less for them and I suspect the average Zwift user feels same. I say this because Zwift has far more data about its users than we do and probably has a pretty good idea of what will appeal to most people.

I think Zwift is listening but their challenge is updating a piece of software that started a decade ago as a garage side-project and they have to be very cautious about updates so as not to break the system. This pre-dates my coming to Zwift but I’ve read about the “grand outages” they had in past.

I’d love to see more content like an expanded Watopia but I am eternally grateful that when I hop on my trainer bike, I am 100% sure it’s going to “just work.” (disclosure: using AppleTV or iPad, the app hasn’t crashed in, like, ever)

They’re also going to be cautious about disclosing what they’re working on to avoid giving their competition an advantage.

Lest you think I don’t have a laundry list of feature requests, here’s one that got a lot of attention and I’m sure Zwift is aware of: Companion App UI cleanup: DELETE BUTTONS

They’ll get there. In the meantime I’m enjoying Zwift for what it is.


Wouldn’t a relatively simple route addition be another road down the AdZ so that the climb could be looped?


Yes we do😂


I’ll second that. Plenty of iconic ones to choose from on :+1:


More of you need to ride them, then!

They are by far the quietest roads on Zwift, so the demand just isn’t there. They don’t suit group rides and they don’t make for good racing.


Except for the downhill part😂

But yeah, what I mean is that it gets boring going up ADZ so many times, no scenery changes.


But apparently no one gets bored ridin up and down Tempus fugit. LoL :joy:


That’s because they always look for animals lol

For me? I’ve counted 10 dogs in Makuri but I probably counted the same dogs twice now that I think about it lol.