Took a year off Zwift - how the frig are there no news maps yet?

Feels a little harsh,  inexcusable seems a bit much to me.   I have no problem with the price and don’t find the maps boring, limited yes, but not boring.

There are a bunch of reasons I can guess at as to why new maps and features seem to be trickling.  But it does feel on the slow side to me too.  

There are hints at a new map coming and an expansion.  Guess we will see when they are done and what comes after those.  I would prefer Zwift spend more on product development and less on marketing/events as their growth seems more socially driven.  Tricky balencing act to grow a company fast.   

Dear Zwift,

More Zwift.  Please hurry.



D’Huez again? Really? Let’s have a constant gradient, because that will be fun.

Anyway since this time last year there has been.
Watopia Volcano Extention.
Watopia Volcano Climb
Great London flat extension
Watopia Jungle Extension
London Surrey Hills Extension.

Coming soon Watopia extension (of unknown type) and a new world.

So far from having no new roads, there has been 5 new extensions introduced in the past year.

I will agree however that the pace is sluggish and the extensions that are released are small.

Perhaps you should go back to wherever you’ve been for the past year Geordan.

Zwift is optional, if you don’t like it then don’t use, no need to post such negativity here.  

As above there has been plenty of developments since you were last here.  Whilst there may not have been a new map there have been significant extensions to London and Watopia.  


I think you are being harsh on them, as the map is now zoom-able at 3 levels.  I do wish the direction arrows were a bit more discript in the turning directions.  as to where that road leads.    I also wish you could see a marker for a big group on the map.  perhaps a different color dot for groups over 10 or maybe a different color for the A B C D race groups too.   sometimes its nice to tag along if you know they are coming.   it might be easier to jump in too?