Returning after 8 months, anything new? Especially races

Other than new worlds (which seem superfluous to me, I’d be fine with Watopia all the time) and training program improvements (which I don’t use) has anything notable been added?

Racing is really the only thing that I liked, and last year that was quite a mess with Zpower pollution and lousy scoreboards, etc. Any improvements on that front? Is 3rd party Zwiftpower still the only alternative? I’d hoped by now Zwift would have directly built that kind of functionality.

Watopia now has Alpe du Zwift and some new routes associated with said climb. Otherwise, the only other additions would probably be bug fixes since you’re not interested in new worlds or workout mode.

Alpe du Zwift

ZwiftPower had some downtime (May - July) due to GDPR issues/requirements. Now that ZwiftPower is back on line, they look to have been making enhancements. For example, they now pull data directly from Zwift. Strava is not required. In the last week or two, they added a way to view/compare your power curve from an event/race. I can’t say for sure, but it appears that Zwift and ZwiftPower are working together to provide more data presentation and analysis which is a good thing!

Zwiftpower is getting better all the time. they are adding lots of nice touches. of course you have some new maps like NYC and Innsbruck. there will always be the ZPowers but is getting better for racing.