New routes?

What has happened to Zwift’s route development? It sure feels like we used to get a lot more new roads than we do these days. I had hoped that the mega capital injection would have resulted in some developments but wow it’s getting pretty disappointing.

Sorry. Zwift is busy fixing bugs now.

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Zwift is busy fixing creating bugs now.

FTFY :rofl:


It was a common knowledge that they were planning to release Japan by the time of Summer Olympics last year. They did not release Japan because Olympic Games were rescheduled to summer of 2021. I would guess that Japan will be released this summer, hopefully, more beautiful and with more roads than in the originally prepared (but not released) 2020 version.

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Honestly I would take new roads in Watopia over any new worlds. They create so many more possibilities.


I agree. Like they creaed the Paris Map. That doesn’t give much experience. I prefer more roads in Watopia instead of more maps. Or increase the other maps like France and Paris. We do have enough maps.