More FLAT routes, please

(Bhaltair Gruamach) #1

Could we please have a few more flat routes in the Zwift world? And by flat, I don’t mean “Mostly flat but with an 8% grade somewhere in the middle of the route.” I mean “Flat, with no slopes steeper than 2%.”

Thank you!

(Paul Allen) #2

Been suggesting this for years, but the threads keep getting high-jacked by climber complain there should be more mountains and it ends up going sideways from there.

We need a 28 mile flat route on Zwift so we can stop doing endless loops on the same course. It is very difficult to do long Z1 rides on Zwift since when you hit the inclines your speed drops so far that you are barely moving.

(Nigel Doyle) #3

Let’s hope the New York course gets some expansions in the future. I’m sure it will as they’ve invested so much time into it. My suggestion would be to add on the New York Marathon route. Fairly tame for biking and Zwift could really go after the running market with it.

(Aaron Smith) #4

Have any of you tried lowering the Trainer Difficulty setting in Zwift? Is that not a viable option for you?

(Bhaltair Gruamach) #5

I adjust the difficulty sometimes. It helps in some respects but is not the same as a flat road. You still slow to a crawl when ascending a steep hill. And if you’re riding with a group the lighter riders vanish into the distance on the first climb.

(Paul Allen) #6

You are missing the point, and I knew someone would chime in saying that.

(James Dominguez II) #7

Totally agree. Sometimes I’m just trying to do an easy 10min warmup, but I have to climb that stinking hill.