Can we please have some longer routes?

As someone who enjoys the long trips on tarmac surrounded by trees and nature, farmland and beautiful scenery, i feel left out every time you release a new map.
Where are the long routes? Where’s the 100k or even 200k routes?

Scotland is basically a beginner map / TTT ZRL map.

And with the new details about a comming price increase, what’s in it for us who likes the long rides?
Can you please make several large routes that IS NOT 2000m climbing routes?
Something for the weekly century riders?
Something for Cat-D riders to enjoy aswell?
The comment section is full of great idéas from several people!
Changed topic name and text slightly.

Most likely you will need to do numerous laps of the flatter routes to make this happen like Watopia Waistband that was recently released, or try RoadCaptain to build your own.

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Yeah no i do not want that, hence this post.
I’m getting bored riding the same short routes over and over year after year, and with the release of scotland wich consists of warmoup-length routes i feel this even stronger.
I’m hoping i’m not the only one who would enjoy some longer routes here.


I hoped that all these small world would be next to each other so that you can ride from the one to the other. But this has been discussed in other threads.


That WOULD be amazing

Alternatively (and NOT saying that more long routes would not be welcome), it is not really much effort to end a ride and start a new one on a different route, or in a different world.

It is not only too much effort, it would cause me to NOT have a 100k ride every week on strava!
These 100k+ rides i do is with hundreds of people every week, what you are suggesting isn’t an option for me (and everyone else riding valhalla sunday skaal as an example)
I once did the 25 laps volcano achievement, i wanted to uninstall zwift after i was done.

What i’m suggesting isn’t that zwift stops making short routes, i just want them to make some long ones aswell, currently it feels like they are ONLY catering to the racing crowd.


I couldn’t agree more - I use Zwift in the off-season to keep me sane on the long, steady rides indoors. But it get’s boring when it’s just the same route again and again.

And they don’t need to add the amount of surroundings and buildings that they have added to Urukazi and Scotland. Just a bit of diversity. The amount of ruins, buildings etc. in those two additions alone could have been stretched out over a few hundred kilometres and still been enough to keep me happy.

Spend more time on roads and less on the eye candy and we can get a lot more kilometres of road for the same effort.


I agree. Laps are boring. Long routes make me want to do long rides. New roads really help a lot. Makuri 40 is as good as it gets in recent history, but the recent expansions are really small.


Zwift will have stats on exactly how many folk ride for 1 hours, 2 hours, 3 hours etc. And I’m willing to bet that the number is miniscule compared to the overall userbase.


And yet here we are, requesting longer rides…


True, but what proportion of the user base are you? Again, not saying that longer routes wouldn’t be welcome (or even just joining all the worlds together to allow for longer uninterrupted and non-lap rides), just you might need to drum up significantly more interest for longer routes before Zwift will devote resources to them.

And, for what it’s worth (since I am not a computer guy, but have heard this mentioned), I think there are some limitations to route length due to the amount of ‘assets’ Zwift has to load to run the game. If there are longer routes that would likely mean a larger world, resulting in even more memory and/or processing power needed to run the game, resulting in users needing higher-spec devices to run the game, thus resulting in a significant number of complaints about people not being able to use the game, resulting in fewer users overall.

So perhaps it’s not as easy as it might seem.

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There’s an appropriate balance to reach for when it comes to satisfying the average rider and the high mileage rider, or the big climb rider. I don’t think they’ve figured it out. Average riders should certainly be satisfied, but they should not neglect the biggest fans of the app either. My feeling is that the tiny expansions are mostly about cost cutting at the expense of those who crave big rides.


Have you looked at the likes of ?
ie… build your own route – maybe it’ll help in your situation?

Look at makuri, it’s poor performance on even the highest performing pc’s, yet the longer routes on watopia has amazing performance.
If there WERE limitations they would be on the appleTV side of things

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Interesting thought, but doesn’t it seem like most of the ‘issues’ people experience are with (potato) PCs and Macs? I’ve been running ATV for years with very few issues. Of course, this is likely because the performance on ATVs is a bit scaled back to begin with, but I’m guessing there would be a number of other folks who would experience issues before ATV users.

If Watopia can run then other big worlds should run. Yes it is a memory issue that is probably why we don’t have just one big world. But tying a few of the smaller ons with a desert or swamp or mountain pass would benefit those that want to ride long and those that ride short.

Why are makuri so Bad I don’t know there is some memory issue there.

Not at all trashing your preferences, but I think “separate rides won’t show up as one ride on Strava” isn’t going to motivate a lot of people to change things. If it’s really just about being able to point to the fact that you did a long ride on a given day, and the people you’re pointing that out to can’t understand or don’t ‘count it’ that you did three 33km rides instead of one 100km ride…I just don’t know that this consideration is something many people care about. Again, not saying it’s bad to care about it. Just saying I don’t think many people are with you on that one. Maybe I’m wrong.


I am one of those that Like to have only one ride per day, I would rather loop a 33km route 3 times than stop and switch maps.


Don’t get me wrong, I’d like that too sometimes–just start riding and not have to worry about messing with the computer. But if the reason is just ‘what does it look like on Strava later’, that I care absolutely nothing about. And if someone says to me “I did a 100km ride this weekend”, and their Strava shows 3 back to back 33km Zwift rides (plus 1 extra km in there somewhere), I’m not going to say “no you didn’t!” :slight_smile: