Connect all worlds together

It would be good to link all worlds together with tunnels so you can ride from one world to another.
London to New York and then on to Watopia. This would make longer rides more interesting. You could also not advertise the locations of the tunnels and allow people to discover them. Eventually these would all become known. Initially it would make searching for these tunnels interesting. You could also randomise where each tunnel linked to, to add an element of suprise

Similar to this one:

Personally, I wouldn’t like that. If I choose to ride to New York, that’s where I want to go. There could be a “Surprise me” option (e.g. one tunnel or an option at each tunnel), but I’d want to be able to predict where I’m going.

The main problem with this, I think, would be that it won’t work with Strava. Admittedly, Strava isn’t essential and Zwift shouldn’t limit what they do just because of the limitations of other platforms; but it’s still something that would need consideration. e.g. does it upload separate rides? What if you discard the ride at the end - does it have to delete all the different parts? etc. etc.

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also similar to this one:


I am not sure a super world would work with the current tech, but making each map accessible daily is certainly doable! I’ve got badges to earn, and can’t always make the calendar days for certain worlds…


Pass. But I would like to ride Bologna and Crit City when I want to.


I was thinking this would be a real addition to the game. The use of wormholes located around all the zwift worlds would create a fantastic in game experience.

I know world switching has been a requested feature by many, but would it be possible to actually connect the worlds together so you could ride from one to another? That would be crazy. Technical challenge…?

I’d love to see the ability to ride between whatever worlds are active on a given day.

For example, if both Watopia and New York are available that day, there would be a turnoff in Watopia that would lead to a stand of trees–ride through the trees, maybe there’s a glowing portal or a flash of light or something, and poof, you’re in New York. When New York wasn’t available, that road in Watopia wouldn’t be available. But the road to Paris might be, or Makuri, or etc. And similar between the other worlds–when it’s Watopia/New York/Paris, there would be a warp from NY to Paris as well.

EDIT: This is clearly in the ‘wouldn’t that be cool’ category, not an ‘I expect this within the year!’ suggestion :smiley:

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people have been asking for this for many years, file it away in “it will never happen”…

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All something like this takes then is one obsessive employee who goes completely rogue. :slight_smile:

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Would love to see this happen. There are many group rides now of “fondo” length 100km, 160km, etc. Doing “laps” over and over just gets boring, you wouldn’t do that on an outside century/fondo. Linking together the worlds and allowing routes that had fresh tarmac the entire route would be a whole new level and something that would be massively welcome.


Yes yes yes as a complete sentence.

This one is similar to other requests, but puts a different spin on things…

There are so many requests on having more worlds available vs. building on existing worlds, not having enough roads in some worlds, not being able to ride across worlds, etc…what if they were all connected?

What if individual places (Watopia, Makuri, Richmond, France, Scotland, etc.) were kept separate, but ZHQ created “warp tunnels” to instantly traverse between worlds? If I were in France for a longer ride and started getting bored, I could navigate to a certain road, go through a tunnel, and “pop out” in Scotland, or anywhere else. If ZHQ needed to take down a world for maintenance, they could put up a roadblock and give you an auto-u-turn…

No more world “hacks”, no more guest worlds, everything connects…thoughts?

I think this has been proposed before. My understanding is that the issue would be with the sheer distances between these locations, if their ‘Zwiftographical’ location is not changed. I think that if you rode through one of these ‘warp tunnels’ from London to Paris, for example, it would add hundreds of miles to your ride distance, even though you didn’t do that. And if you warped form Watopia to Innsbruck it would add thousands of miles. (I am not sure this would be the case, but that is what I think would happen.)

What I have wondered, along is similar vein, is why virtual London/Paris/Innsbruck/Richmond/New York/Yorkshire/Bologna have to be tied to the actual physical location. Why not just move all of them to the South Pacific and connect them with Zwift tunnels (or bridges)? Zwift have already sort of done this with Surrey Hills, which is not in the correct geographical location, but is still accessible via a quick ‘Tube’ ride from London.

Personally, I don’t really care where the Strava map thinks I rode, so why not just put them all in the same place and let us ride from ‘town to town’?

In Boston there is one area where five (5) trains are accessible by way of underground tunnels and/or train Route intersections.

I request a Park St Hub that will allow riders to cross over to other worlds so that I can go from London to Watopia to France on a day when these three worlds are available for riding.

Thank you for considering this feature, and thank you for all your latest visual upgrades to existing routes and the addition of new routes.

Search the forum. This sort of thing has been requested for many years now, with no seeming interest from Zwift.

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To be fair, they did and drudged up a thread started in January 2020… :laughing:

Only after one of the moderators merged their new post into an old thread. :wink:

I do have a question though–because I never ever check my Strava, it’s like the attic where I just dump stuff and forget about it.

Q: when people use the teleport function, is that adding distance to their Stravameters? I’d assume so, yes? Has the world ended in fire as a result? :wink:

you know what they say about assumptions