Connect all worlds together

It would be good to link all worlds together with tunnels so you can ride from one world to another.
London to New York and then on to Watopia. This would make longer rides more interesting. You could also not advertise the locations of the tunnels and allow people to discover them. Eventually these would all become known. Initially it would make searching for these tunnels interesting. You could also randomise where each tunnel linked to, to add an element of suprise

Similar to this one:

Personally, I wouldn’t like that. If I choose to ride to New York, that’s where I want to go. There could be a “Surprise me” option (e.g. one tunnel or an option at each tunnel), but I’d want to be able to predict where I’m going.

The main problem with this, I think, would be that it won’t work with Strava. Admittedly, Strava isn’t essential and Zwift shouldn’t limit what they do just because of the limitations of other platforms; but it’s still something that would need consideration. e.g. does it upload separate rides? What if you discard the ride at the end - does it have to delete all the different parts? etc. etc.

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also similar to this one:


I am not sure a super world would work with the current tech, but making each map accessible daily is certainly doable! I’ve got badges to earn, and can’t always make the calendar days for certain worlds…

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Pass. But I would like to ride Bologna and Crit City when I want to.

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I was thinking this would be a real addition to the game. The use of wormholes located around all the zwift worlds would create a fantastic in game experience.