Create Custom Routes, Worlds and Map Ideas and QA

It would be nice if we could create our own worlds and routes in existing worlds. Here’s how it would work: 1. Make Route on Strava (or whatever people use) and download the GPX File. 2. Go to ZC, click more, and click routes. 3. This will bring you to a dashboard that says at top: Community, My Routes, My Worlds. (1) Community would allow you to view the communities routes (2) Create New Route allows you to create a new route in an existing world (including custom worlds) and (3) Create New World allows you to start your own world. 4. For New Route: Go to CNR and create new route from existing world (including yours) and it will bring you to the Zwift Route Builder and you can save them. 5. For New World: Go upload GPX File from whatever app you created your route in and ZC will use that route, download it, and put in the land (roads… whatever) and there you have a world (and it will also map out your route) to expand world, create new route on that 3rd party app and the game will realize that the route has more road in same world and expand. (you can also name your worlds/routes and Zwift will say NA to whatever’s bad and they’ll need to change it) 6. your worlds will be separated so you can click one of them and it will bring you to that world and all of its routes (just like what happens when you select a route to ride) and you can see all route details and you can click on a route in existing world (including yours) and it will map out it just like in preview) 7. This new feature will feature a personal world calendar and you can switch between the Zwift Calendar and Yours ( Zwift will randomize yours just like normal each month and the world selection will change based on the calendar your viewing. Notes: You would be able to add KOM and Sprint arches too and you would also be able to invite others for meetups and they can too.

I don’t know if you guys are up for making this (because Watopia’s already has lots of roads) but there are some things I feel Watopia is missing.

  1. down in the decent to the Jungle there is one of those block off construction things on the side of the mountain and I just have an idea of what it could be: If you’ve ever heard of Haleakala in Maui, HI that’s where I got this first idea. It wouldn’t be as long because the actual one is around 35 miles to the summit and 10K feet of climbing… it wouldn’t be that much but rather it would go from that area I was talking about to the Alpe du Zwift summit. Then once you got to the top there would be a bridge to link up with the ADZ summit or people could have the option to go down the normal way or climb it then descend ADZ or vise-versa Also since it starts on the side of a mountain to start it off it would go through a crystal cave/geode type cave with lit up crystals and as you advance upwards you could come out of the dark, crystal lit cave, go through national park/forest, then up higher near/at the summit it would basically look like mars meaning it would have a rocky red top above clouds just like Alpe du Zwift (that’s where the bridge linkup thing would be).
  2. The next idea of road in Watopia would require some expanding the entire map’s borders. I thought of this idea because the Strava map shows a western side of the island. Where you would enter this segment would be at the top of ADZ (so the ADZ turn around could serve as a double summit for this climb, too. Or there could be a stretch of road that links it up with it’s own summit.) Then once you’ve reached the bottom of the climb what would be waiting for you would be basically downtown’s twin (I say that because it’s another beach coast city). What could be included could be: a stretch of road along the coastline, a pier that people could cycle/run on, a small KOM about around a mile or less that would lead up to a lighthouse at the top on the edge of the cliff on the shoreline next to the ocean, and a velodrome. I’m not saying this will happen but I just think it would be really cool.

Here’s a new Zwift map idea that I was thinking of that I’d think would be really cool.

I think it would be cool to have Maui as a Zwift world because it has some really cool stuff especially for those who like climbing because according to the Strava segment it’s the longest paved climb in the world being 34 miles and 9.7K feet of elevation gain so that would be a really tough challenge for those who are up for BIG challenges! It would be a total of 140 miles doing the route shown (including the up and down of Haleakala) but only 106 miles of road not including the downhill of the HUGE volcano! I hope you all like the idea because I think it would be really cool to have something like this.

It would be cool to put this into an existing world- I think we have lots of worlds, so I would greatly prefer expansion over more worlds. Haleakala would be possibly the greatest addition ever! In that top left corner (NW corner) of Watopia seems great. Bring on the mountains! :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


That would be cool, but unfortunately Zwift never introduces roads or worlds based on customer suggestions. And big climbs in the game are not very popular routes compared to the flat stuff. I wish it were otherwise since I like the big hills as well.

While you are pretty correct- You must believe that it can be! :grinning:

There are many, many worthy routes but I’m not sure the historical approach Zwift has taken is sustainable. This is where the competition is coming in with procedurally generated models from users’ GPS data. Zwift has the opportunity to leapfrog with a next-generation engine, assisted by machine learning models. Many new worlds can be made this way with minimal input, then later updated with a little artist intervention to be reasonably close to the real thing. The cute flourishes can then become optional, with the flick of a switch.

I think it would be cool to create our own maps! How it would work is: you would go to ZC, go to more, click on “my worlds”, click new, then it would bring you to a blank template then from there you would select the type of road you want (paved, ice, gravel, sand etc.) (draw rivers, draw a circle when you have selected water, trees etc. and it would make all of that in that random shape.) and then draw the roads and then you let go of the screen and then it makes a road for you! Then there would be another screen on which you could see the 3D version. Then another in which you would be able to add grade to the roads (this would be a graph like the custom workout graph and you would’ve able to drag and drop the grades) for ex: drag in a 6% grade and say you want it for 1/2 a mile, then it would make the road that way! You could also add KOM/QOM arches and Sprint Arches! I think this would’ve an AWESOME FEATURE! The reason I want this is because I have all these great ideas like an Italian World, a Zwift City, and a Ski World with snowy mountains and I’d like to take part in it and it would be cool for others to too! Or we could just make them private, whichever you choose.

It would be so great! I like your version of this idea in particular.
I think(?) the closest thing commercially available is Magic Roads on RGT. It doesn’t even sound that hard, even for things like sharing a world to ride with friends.
And all this while still having the main worlds like Watopia.

I’ve heard it said that one of Zwift’s biggest obstacles to world expansion/road adding is graphics because of camera angles. You have to be able to show what everything looks like from basically every direction and lighting. Though it seems like you could get around this somehow…
C’mon Zwift! Do it!
@James_Zwift - has Zwift taken this into serious consideration yet?

Would be a nice feature. In the mean time, if you’re on PC or Mac you can use Road Captain by @Sander_van_Vliet_The


I was also thinking that maybe another way to add grade would be to draw the elevation profile as it would take a LONG time for some courses to add the grade for that course by dragging and dropping the grades like we do in the custom workout screen.

If this sort of thing was available, would the creator then just ride alone the entire time, as they would be the only person with that map?

You could invite people to ride on your map, add pace bots on the routes etc.

I was thinking of a really great way for this to work:

Program Solution:
We could either do this version, some other one, or we could release the developers version (don’t worry even though I know it costs a lot because it would be $1600 a year split up between millions of users using the program so it would make for more use of it! - Kind of like a family subscription but instead a community subscription)
Social Solution:
We could share our worlds with others and get our worlds approved by the Zwift Team so this way people could be like “hey, want to come over and ride my map, I’ll set up a group ride for us to do so” or something like that! I think it would make Zwifting MUCH MORE FUN!!!

This would probably mean having a content marketplace so people can get approved addons.

Some other products have this.

Do you mean that just like we can by bikes in the garage with our drops we could do so with different types of landscapes instead of repeating the same things over and over again (different trees, gates, buildings, road surfaces etc.)? I would really like that idea!

Here are some ideas!
(Sprint City’s route shape was inspired by the Korean letter for “oh!” in Korean and I thought of a Korean CRIT world based on the country’s capital Seoul.)

No different thing, like for the MS Flight Sim marketplace.

It’s whole entire addons (sometimes gigabytes in size) either airports, world scenery, aircraft, etc. Those have to be submitted by the developers for approval then they become available, kind of like how Zwift when they have new versions, they have to submit changes for iOS and Android ones to the relevant app-stores for approval then it becomes available.

Then all people riding should have the same route, it’s would be very difficult.

Also in Ski City the south loop is just a basic, snowy ski town with a steep beginner hill climb (meaning beginner in skiing terms but it would still be a steep climb for cycling) and then there’s a big 16 mile KOM (double the distance of ADZ) and then there’s a surprise waiting for you: a loop that does the same “permanight” feature as Neokyo that’s at the top of the mountain so you could see the stars! Also the landscape on that loop would be inspired by different rocky planets/moons such as Mars, Mercury, the moon, and Pluto!