Custom Maps Solution Idea

So, I just finished a ride on the Volcano Flat Route and while I was riding I thought, “maybe the reason they’re not doing the custom map builder is because it’d spread people out a lot?”
So here I have a solution:
On Zwift Companion, go to more, click routes and worlds, and click upload. From there you’d upload a map from say… Blender while others are too, and say every few months, the Zwift staff would vote which map or few maps would be added to the game and in that month’s update would include the new map! Sorry if I REALLY want this but I just have some AWESOME IDEAS that could be a reality.

I see that you already have multiple posts about custom maps, why not combine all of these posts and add it to your original one rather than creating a new thread over and over again?


Sorry, it’s just I feel like if I use the same post people won’t see it instead of seeing there’s a new post. Also the reason I REALLY want this feature is because I have ALL these ideas that could be in game as a reality. I could show you some if you want (because I have various plans on paper). Also today I thought of this new way to do it because maybe the reason why we still don’t have it is because people would be spread out? So maybe THIS could be the solution?

I think you have significantly misjudged the amount of time and effort that goes into creating a new map / roads on Zwift.


If I’ve understood this right your big idea is to allow people to suggest new worlds?

I’m not sure coming up with an idea for a new world is the biggest task in creating a new world. I could be wrong.

Sorry, I understand, sometimes I’m just impatient about new roads (and them being time consuming is most likely why we don’t get more roads more often) because that’s one of the things I like about Zwift. So I was saying if we could create a map on Blender and then have a voting session every few months that could be a way to get new maps on the game. I just can’t help to think that my ideas that I have would be a “well, it was nice to dream, but I guess these are never going to happen” situation.

At this stage in time, I’m afraid that’s probably quite accurate.

Ok, I understand