A ☄️stellar world idea⭐️

Sorry if I have a LOT of ideas (especially if Zwift is having a hard time with all these suggestions) but I thought I might as well share this idea (don’t worry Zwift, these are just ideas, you can do whatever with them and the DO NOT have to be immediate or at all, but I think it’d be cool to have this eventually)… what if we had a world based on outer space where all the expansions had to do with planets like one could be an Icy cold mountain that was themed like Pluto (similar to the Epic KOM or ADZ), one could have a shortened version of Olympus Mons (because the real mountain doesn’t have roads and is TOO big to ride), one could be cratered like the moon or mercury, and one could be themed like Venus with a thick cloud cover. I think this would be “out of this world”! Also we could have lower gravity but the MAIN focus is the theme.

Hmmmm … how about when Zwift start developing a new world they release it to Level 60 riders as a beta with a “barren” or "lunar"landscape and populate/improve the scenery overtime. Once complete they release it to everyone.

That makes sense to see if people even want it, but I also know Zwift is a game and I was just trying to give them some “out of this world” ideas.

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That sounds like it would be incredibly dull to stare at for several hours. I think the whole reason why Makuri Islands has been made so visually stimulating is so that people who’ll spend more time riding.

For me the issue is not whether or not this would be cool, as I am sure they could make something like this pretty fun. The issue is we already have very fragmented maps (separate map for paris vs. france, small scotland, richmond, innsbruck, london, new york, bologna maps etc… Makuri and Wattopia seem to both have critical mass of routes, but the rest don’t really.

Building another completely separate small world take a ton of design and dev resources, and I would personally want those resources to first link up some of the current smaller worlds leading to really interesting route combinations before creating more worlds. Maybe once they link up the “Europe” map and with it create all sorts of awesome combo routes they can go out of this world :slight_smile:

YES!!! I would LOVE for them to link the worlds up. Another idea is we could still have the guest world rotation if we want to ride them separately but one of the 24/7 worlds would be a mega-world! This way we could have BOTH options.

This would also allow us the ability for long rides without doing the same roads OVER again, this is one things I feel Zwift needs to make it so we don’t feel like we’re riding the same roads but instead every day could be new like:
-Riding the Alpe and the Richmond circuit in the same day.
-Doing an ultra mountain challenge (ex: riding the Epic Alpe, Hilly, Rooftop, Temple, and NYC sky roads in one ride!)
-Doing an epic 24 hour ride for all you ultra-endurance athletes out there
-For all you people who don’t like straight lines in Strava (I’m not pointing out to anyone because I’m one too) Strava would recognize the jumping around and overlay us on the biggest remote island in the world and maybe put a Zwift map over it. For example: when you select to ride on the Zwift-Mega World and save your ride to Strava, it would place you in Greenland (NOT that Watopia would be relocated to Greenland but more so when you’ve chosen the Mega-World which includes all of Zwift and THAT would be in Greenland, so it would be like an entirely new map but it’s really just that mega-map located in Greenland)

Biggest problem is that, lets say Zwift implemented all of that.

You’d do it for two days then be back on the forum saying you are bored again and now need something else.