A new fantasy world

I think we need new fantasy world’s like Watopia.

Cool the real life simulation’s but other apps are better in that (Bkool, Rouvy, Wahoo RGT etc.). In those apps you can cycle in Belgium or Switzerland etc.

Watopia is unique with it’s world. So what kind of worlds can we have? The sky is the limit of course but some suggestions:
-Desert World based on the desert worlds of the movies “Dune” and in Star Wars
-An Arctic kind of world
-a bit like New York already has, but a Sci-Fi city with hanging roads in the sky, on a gas/cloudy planet
-an Elf and Dwarf world, with little houses in the trees :slightly_smiling_face:
-a F1 like racing track

Etc, etc.

Who is with me? Any other suggestions? Maybe also a world with much long tracks, for the long riders up here.


Maybe a 9-route world – something based on Dante’s layers of heII – frozen lakes of ice, riding the river Styx, freezing slush, and violent storms raging… that kinda thing. Would make for a good stage race series :upside_down_face:


If Zwift ever takes a user suggestion and turns it into a new world in the game, I’ll eat my hat.


Not me.

Gamification taken a little too far.
I’d be happy with the current ones all being linked.

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A new world is not gamification imho. It’s just new eyecandy while riding your ass off.

The power of Zwift is it fantasy worlds. As I said, for cycling up the Col de Croix de Fer or the Stelvio on your device, you have other apps for that. So Zwift can stand out with it’s unique worlds Watopia and Makuri Islands.

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Love the F1 idea.

Don’t we already have enough worlds that don’t receive enough love and dev.? I’d rather do something cool and recover some of the lost potential that has been wasting away in Richmond, London, Italy, Austria, etc.