REQUEST: A new virtual map, but with a user created landscape or merged with another world/platform

I like the standard worlds, but they are all relatively static. Each time, Watopia is the same as it was last time I logged in.

I’m aware this will be technically challenging, but I like the idea of:
Zwift creates and interesting road shape with a cyclists interests at heart - epic climbs, sudden sprints, rolling hills, drag racer flats etc. The route is basically in a protected players tube where only Zwift world dynamics interact with each other, but the rest of the landscape…

Option 1 - link it to another established landscape so that the cyclists world intertwines with another gaming platform (but not effected by it!). Cycle along through your picked route while all around you an epic battle dukes it out, or maybe a racing game with F1 and Indy cars thunders on a track twisting around your road, or even riding through a landscape of FarmVille, Fortnite or SIMS. Each time you can see parts of the other gamers doing their thing while you race through it.

Option 2 - the land is barren but connected to Roblox, Decentraland or Minecraft. Every time you log onto the route, the landscape has change because someone has built a temple around the road, mined a mega deep pit under you, established a new hangout area, some weird and whacky landscape evolves followed by being destroyed and rebuilt by the time you log in the next week.

I like the idea of linking the Zwift world into something more interactive rather than the static siloed worlds just for cyclists and runners. It’ll take a lot of experimental work and collaborations with other platforms, but I’d love to have a stand alone Zwift map with user evolving the landscape, forever changing it and having interest going on outside of just riding with others.

(I may need to upgrade my GPU just to access it thought)

What you’re describing seems similar to Wahoo RGT’s “Magic Roads” functionality.

Zwift just isn’t there – they use a custom game-engine versus RGT’s off-the-shelf “Unity” engine, the latter being much more sustainable and freeing up devs to work on content creation instead of “engine maintenance.”

TL;DR: This won’t/can’t happen until/unless Zwift completely refactors it’s codebase and we’ve all been hoping and waiting for that for years.

Disclosure: I am not a programmer nor do I work for Zwift (though it sounds like a dream job) – they may have more going on behind the scenes than we’re aware of.


It has nothing to do with the type of game engine. RGT and ZWIFT have two different goals. Zwift is an emersive rich environment with a sosiaal focus. Zwift graphics is way ahead of the competition.

RGT has magic roads but it looks the same no matter where in the world you make the map and you ride alone in the world. Even with the awesome engine they are light years behind.

My point is just it is two different goals.

That is debatable.