I Want A Route/World Editor

Like riding the same roads every day, looking at the same routes in Zwift can get pretty boring. I think it is safe to say that Zwift will never be able to make all, or even a small percentage of, routes that the majority of us would like to see. I for one would like to ride the Pacific Coast Highway, or bust my lungs up in the Colorado Rockies. And there may be some folks that would like to ride the mountainous 25 mile route from Chatsworth to Elijay, or the flats to Savannah. But these are not well known or UCI sanctioned, so unless a third party intervenes, they will never be brought to Zwift.

The majority of video games have some type of included World Editor, where you can take visual elements that are already in the game and create your own player “Level” with them. Some notables are the Doom franchise and various railroad simulators. These games also allow users who create content to upload and share that content with other users, as long as both own the original game.

C’mon Zwift, there are lots of great roads out there that you will never get around to - how about a World Editor so we can ride on?

Imagine the amount of programming to create a world editor. Also that will mean you will be alone in your new world and that sound boring - there have been many riding simulators in the past that just do that even ones that will use google street view to render real live scenery and they all failed because it is boring to train alone.

It takes less resources if you leave out the time it takes to think up excuses as to why it cannot be done. Player created content is the norm rather than the exception for most video games.

As far as riding alone, if it that is the way it would be, I’m fine with that. I don’t ride for the social aspects, and quite often I turn the router up to higher security so I can ride without interference. Either way, it would still be nice to see routes from around the world created and uploaded by people who know those routes best.