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A while back, I requested a Route Editor for Zwift - something that users could build and edit their own maps and routes within the game. Now, one of your competitors has done this, allowing it’s users to upload their Strava GPX files to make a virtual fascimle of their real world rides. Of course there is not much in the way of scenery, but the road and the gradient is the important part.

The ball is in your court, Zwift.

Riding GPX routes is nothing new, Elite could do it 12 years ago, even had google street view.

Zwift is different that is why thousands are riding on Zwift and not google street view.

“Zwift is different”.

But apparently not better.

The novelty of riding London 36 days a month wears off after a while. It’s nice to actually be able to train on the route that I will later be actually riding in a sportive or race. And if I have to pay for either Zwift or a competitor program, I’ll choose the one that will allow me to create routes that I will see in real life.

Zwift is a Video Game with a Bike as controller.

Cycling in the real world is cycling.

Why do people always mixing this up?` :smile:

In World of Warcraft no one wants a bigger battle axe in real life or the exact same sword in game as they have at home :smiley:

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Train Simulator is a video game. Fortnite is a video game. They both have map editors. Why is this confusing to you?

Your analog with WoW is a bit on the silly side. Unlike cycling, you can’t use your game controller in both the virtual and real world, as there is no real world for WoW. If your argument were valid, why have Zwift in the first place? That is like saying “No one in Zwift wants the exact same London route in the game as they can ride for real.”

In Train Simulator you can’t create a route, that is exactly the same as the route you drive every day with your private train :rofl:

Let’s see, how to put this so it’s easily understood. In Train Simulator, you CAN import terrain data that allows for path and gradient creation. Basically it lays down real terrain profiles and you add the rest - tracks, scenery, etc. Now a competitor to Zwift is doing basically the same thing on a a simpler scale using GPX files. If a lesser known and not-as-well-funded upstart can do this, it should be no problem for Zwift.

Zwift is for optics and the social component.
Otherwise we’d all just use trainerroad or rouvy.

How would they animate a landscape, if I’d upload a gpx file of the passo di stelvio?


No program will ever be able to have all the features everyone wants and Zwift has made a choice on wanting to emphasize the social interaction part and doesn’t one to offer courses with only 1 person on it. Being able to ride a real route profile is a reasonable request but it doesn’t fit with Zwift’s business model or probably with their software model. They have small courses with predefined detailed scenery. To be able to ride a random road, they would have to add the ability to auto-generate and then render the path based on the GPX file they loaded. Personally, I subscribe to 2 different platforms because Zwift provides some things I really like but occasionally I want something different and I realize there aren’t enough people that want it to make it a good business choice for Zwift.

Ride on.

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I also use 2 training programs. Swift and one with RLV. Swift will never and needs never appease every cyclist. These 2 programs allow to to choose what I want each day. I’m not quitting Zwift just because they don’t offer what another program does. They are all different.

What month has 36 days? :rofl:
December only had London 9 days so far.

have you tried RGT yet?

you should give it a go and write up what the differences are between RGT and Zwift, and why you prefer one or the other. (and share on the forums!) particularly with the GPX stuff – is it still fun to ride on a GPX course if no one else is there? i’m curious how much the “i can see other real people riding” factor matters in Zwift – i suspect a lot.

here’s DC rainmaker on the differences:

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I haven’t tried it but whatsonzwift has the ability to create a workout from a GPX file:

This might get you part of what you are looking for.

Actually. I’m not to social as far as cycling goes. It’s really pretty annoying to have someone yapping at me while I’m suffering up a KOM, so whether there are other riders on the course is not an issue. RGT, the program I’m reference, does allow group invites, and even has semi-programable bots if you have to satisfy the itch for companionship during the ride.

The value of being able to have instantly accessible familiar (or unfamiliar) courses is the same as having Zwift in general - to be able to train when you can’t go outside. Case in point, I have a Gran Fondo pretty close to the beginning of the outdoor ride season. It’s a couple of hundred miles away, so it’s not something I’m going to be driving to ahead of time to ride in the cold rain and/or snow. Having the route, even if it is just the road only and some generic terrain, available in Zwift in order to be able to familiarize myself with the map and gradients would be a great plus, until I can get out to train on some real hills.

Not everyone can play on RGT, there’s no Android screen app so while I’d like to try it I can’t.

RGT is a dead stick - far to many issue with the program for it to be a viable alternative to Zwift - yet. That is the reason why I asking that something similar to RGT Magic Roads be ported to Zwift.

Rouvy also has a Route Editor, though I have not tried that one yet.