Route Editor

I’d like to have a Route Editor, where i can create my own Routes in Addition to the provided routes from Zwift.

For Example when i want to do a 100 km ride, i’ll create my own route in watopia and want to get routed by zwift on this route.


I also could imagine to do such own routes including all “zwift world” (if there will be a free choice available one day) or create very long routesere you can proceed the next day where you have stopped bevore.


I DON’T want to create complete new courses on my one, but just use automatic routing on individual routs on existing zwift roads.

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Users have been requesting this from the beginning, so hopefully we will get that option some day.

I’ll let you know if I hear anything about this being a possibility, thanks for writing in! 

Indeed a cool option that should not be all too difficult to o implement…