Route Creator

Similar to Strava segments, Zwift should have a route creator.  Many of us who do a lot of group rides, workouts and races get pretty bored with the same few routes.

The route creator can be implemented in one of two ways (or both).  The rider can simply create a route based on a previous ride (like Strava segments).  Or,  Zwift can setup a quasi flow chart where you design a route by selecting which way you want to go.

There are many miles of roads and this would be a great way to have the community and event groups come up with fun, new and exciting new routes for us to ride and race.


Been suggested many times please vote up the existing request so Zwift knows what the users want. To find the suggestions use the search function on the top of the page.

One of the oldest topics on this subject can be found here, throw in your upvotes there as well:


This remains a feature I most definitely want to see added as well though.