Sci-fi worlds

I hope one day, when ZWIFT has a billion users :wink: we will get sci-fi / fantasy worlds like an alien planet, dystopian megacity, tron-like neon virtuality or completely crazy fantasy stuff. I know there are concerns that this would be extremely demanding on the hardware, but PCs are getting better and maybe with some optimization the creative team could go wild. I imagine something like:  

I BathSalts fully approve of all concept designs except for “My-Little-Pony Candy Land” in the center. 4/5, not bad. Ride on.
Tron bike in Tron world, that would be cool.

maybe a star wars/star trek portal at the top of the new mountain

Stargate :wink: Actually i saw sth similar in an interview with Eric Min I think?

I had already asked for the Avatar World to be created n people called me crazy

And here I thought that the rings entering the underwater tunnels on Watopia  look a little like what Stargates should look like.  Riding through an underwater tunnel is somewhat whimsical as well.  Add the Green Barrier to one allowing us to transported to some other place might be fun.  Alas, this will only happen if they are courting the younger crowd.

Of course, riding through a Volcano is completely real too.