New Worlds/Maps - License Popular Game Maps

Zwift maps are awesome. I definitely enjoy the geographic variety and challenges the multiple worlds offer. An interesting idea might be to adapt certain game worlds for use in Zwift. For example Elden Ring, Skyrim, Final Fantasy or any open world game maps might make for 1) an interesting surreal virtual experience and 2) might draw in a new (albeit more casual) audience to Zwift. I’m sure there are plenty of challenges with that approach but there’s already great name recognition and a lot of the foundational world design would be complete. Anyway, it’s a fun idea to consider. Keep up the great work!

No way that will run on Apple TV.

But the concept isn’t wrong?

I’m not that familiar with different coding languages.

But what if for example a gta map could be imported? Shouldn’t this save a lot of resources for the Zwift development team? (If both are written in the same language?)

Yeah, that’s a good question. I don’t think the hardware but would be the main issue. Polygon count can always be scaled down so you get the general vibe but maybe not every grass blade moving in the wind. The source engine might be an issue. I don’t know what Zwift built their world in but it’s not too shabby. Nerds port games to new game engines all the time so it possible. Licensing might be a hang up and tweaking maps to be “ridable” or “runable” might be time consuming and negate any potential time saving from the initial world models. I still think it’s an interesting idea wirth poking at. I’d like to ride in Skyrim!