Middle Earth Map in Zwift

Zwift should make middle earth maps. It would be sick and they’d make a ton of money off of it.

Also pokemon x zwift collab, could also be massive.

just gonna put it out there.

Same as Star Wars idea but everything is copyright and would cost Zwift a lot of money, rather than making money.


I don’t know how they’d make money, since we pay a monthly sub and get everything included.

They could sell access as DLC, but that would create an utter nightmare in terms of who has access to what, I reckon. Sure, they could still enable access for events regardless of whether someone has paid for it, but…

Just pretend the volcano is Mount Doom.

Just go the parody route and it’s all protected. Mt. Gloom, Frodon’t and Scamwise, the Mr. T Mountains, ChainRing Wraiths, the Big Ring to rule them all, the Big Ring to find them, the Big Ring to bring them all and then their chains will bind them.


No chance they would make more money with this given the licensing costs

One does not simply time trial into Mordor.


Mordor is pretty much all gravel. The average Zwifter would hate it anyway.


Inspired, doesn’t cost anything. Trolls and elves are free license.

I personally would like a dystopian world like Fallout.

The big ring to rule them all… Nice!

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no wonder I couldn’t use the force to climb the alpe

legally distinct IP with similar vibes to say [not] middle earth or a grimdark future…