Crazy Maps, Avatars and Bikes

Will Zwift be introducing, at any point in the future, crazy avatars and bikes that we can purchase/earn and/or crazy maps with more game-like mechanics?

At the moment riders can ride through a volcano which is really cool, but it would be awesome if we could, for example, ride along the Mario Kart Rainbow Road track or something like that.

What if you had a Mario-Kart style map where riders could use their powerups to disadvantage the other riders; e.g. drop a banana peel behind you, drop an oil slick behind you, launch a turtle shell at another player and cause them to spin out and stop moving for a moment. It would be awesome!

It’d also be cool if we could buy/earn crazy avatar/bike skins; e.g. what if your bike/avatar were to just be a horse? Or a frog? Or a nintendo character in a car from Mario Kart? Or Sonic the Hedgehog? The possibilities are endless!

I really like how Zwift in its current form pretty much replicates real-world cycling, but, given that it’s a virtual world, why not have some fun??

It would certainly attract more people like me who lean more towards gaming than cycling in general.