New train of thoughts about gamification

The below are subjective things, but what other stuffs you’d bring over to Zwift?

New train of thoughts (simply being a PC fanboi for 28 years as of today,and not limiting myself by Zwift’s past history or current capabilities):

  • Turn Zwift garage into a Garage! Like in Street Rod! Let me tune my bike with the earned drops.Make the differnece non existent between groupsets, and let me change derailleurs, tires, handlebar, paintjob (within brand limits ofc), spokes, handlebar tape
  • Introduce skins, like in Fortnite! Let me spend my hard earned drops on a Van der Poel lookalike, or Froome or Erik Fetter. Cippolini “naked muscle skinsuit”!
  • unlockable special equipment with drops. Vintage Campa Delta brakes? Yes please! Mavic Zap eShifting? Oh yeah. Spinergy Rev-x four spokes wheels.
  • Create one world with linking together the current ones via “portal tunnels”. We could still drop straight into Makuri or Paris or London, whatever, but if I want to do a long ■■■■ ride, let me change the scenery by pedaling there
  • make time sync or events server side, this discrepancy between clients are plain crazy…

I know, these are fantasies, all of them out of the question for the foreseeable future (and beyond), but a gamer can dream,rigth? Also, I know it would introduce microtransactions, just like many others on the market, including the mentioned Fortnite, but honestly, I wouldn’t really mind (enjoying my Robocop and Fennec Shand skins while being shot to pieces XD )

Some of the start/finish banners already look like Stargates. Let’s make them functional. :slight_smile:

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