Points idea

I have an unusual idea for the point system (or virtual money). It would be cool if could use points to buy upgrades for your bike, and also to buy new frames. I get my idea from Need For Speed. 

Wouldn’t it be fun if you could save up points to buy an aero handlebar that gives +1 to drag reduction. Or you could buy a lightweight carbon handlebar that gives +1 to weight reduction to help conquer that KOM. Depending on how you feel that day you can go to your “garage” and switch your current parts around. I don’t really feel like typing all of the possibilities, but if you are interested and have questions let me know.

It’s an interesting idea! I loved the NFS games myself, so I understand the appeal. :wink:

Before we dig too far, I’m curious: did you know that all our bike components in game have weights assigned to them? It’s a hidden attribute, but it’s there. You also unlock new gear every time you level up, so we have a similar system in place - it’s just not currency based.

Are you thinking of something to supplement the current system or replace it?

I was thinking of something to supplement what is already there. Right now its very limited to frame and wheels. You also only really see your bike if you choose to open the menu to change it. It would be cool if it was more predominately displayed since that is what most of our points go to. I think it is awesome that our components have a weight assigned! I’m assuming its fairly intuitive, and probably based off real world numbers so we can pretty much figure it out. I just personally feel that there are many more things that could be added to give us more to play with during the day when we aren’t riding. Imagine all of your Zwifter’s messing around with their bike setups, and seeing whats available to save their points for on their dashboard during work :D. I would also hope for Zwift’s sake that you could gain sponsorship’s out of it. I could personally see myself looking to match real world parts with the high end ones. If I worked hard to get an awesome set of Zipp aerobars I would probably pay more attention to them when I was shopping for my actual bike.  Also its really hard to fine tune the color of our bikes with the slider. Personally I wanted orange on the trek bike, and I can’t really tell if I have orange or not.

Thanks for the details! We do have some awesome things in the works that will make customization more prominent, but I’ll pass this along too. :smiley:

I’m looking forward to it! I love what zwift has given to the cycling community. I was actually in talks to sell my trainer until I finally bought the usb ant+ dongle and now I can’t get enough of it. Thank you guys for making us this awesome product!

Do the shoes and hat v helmet have weights?