Zwift Game Release: The Drop Shop

Hey Zwifters! Todays update includes a feature we’ve been wanting to do for quite a while - a virtual cycling equipment shop we call the ‘Drop Shop’ where you can pick up some new wheels or bikes. Why the odd name? Well, rather than being currency based, what you spend in this shop is your blood, sweat, and tears (ok, maybe just sweat). The more you ride, the more you earn, and we’ve even got a multiplier on how fast you earn them during up-hill sections to encourage everybody go get more elevation into their legs this spring. As a bonus for past miles, existing Zwifters will also see a large sum of ‘drops’ given to them when they log in next.

To get to the new cycling Drop Shop, just open up the pause menu once you’re in the game and click on “My Garage”. From there you can browse frames and wheels by brand. Having enough drops isn’t the only requirement to get an item, as you’ll notice some items have a level requirement. As you level up through normal riding you’ll unlock the ability to acquire these items as well.

With the shop now live, we can start to add new bikes and manufacturers on a continuous basis. Historically this has been a problem as we’ve only been able to let people try bikes out during a special mission or challenge, but there would often be no way to be able to keep the bike.

In other news, this update also includes a beta of a new FTP test - the Ramp Test. For many this may be an easier way to get a close approximation of your FTP without having to suffer through a 20 minute all-out effort. Give it a try! For the runners, we’ve tweaked the run calibration a bit to be more clear about how the 3 speed calibration process works.

UPDATE ISSUE: We are aware of an issue with Korean text crashing some users in this update. We’re working on a fix to go out in the next 12 hours

As usual we’re all ears when it comes to feedback about changes or a new issue you may have discovered, just respond to this thread. Or if there is something new you’d like to see, head on over to Feature Requests to post your idea.

Ride On.

The Team at Zwift


Hi, when will this make it to Android please?


Nothing for runners?

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im level 18 and upon logging into the shop i have 0 drops to spend. ive read online people are logging in with enough drops to buy several bike frames. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I believe you need to connect a trainer or power meter to first see the Drops, here is a thread that reported the same issue: I am level 24 and have 0 Drops - #11 by Daren

Cool update! However I’m at zero drops even after the update and logging out and in. Is it only zwifters above a certain level that start with some drops in their account?

Den tor 28 feb. 2019 14:38Jon via Zwift Forums skrev:

Check out this thread for the answer (you need to connect a trainer or power meter the first time): I am level 24 and have 0 Drops - #11 by Daren

Cool. Instead of chop shop it’s drop shop.

Here’s an idea. I rode Innsbruck the other day. Made me think. I’ve been to Ireland. What about creating Belfast and North Ireland ride?

Ride On!

Johnny B

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I would like to say that zwift can be a clothing store, which can use water drops to buy the clothes we want instead of just bicycles and wheels

should work (i’m level 21 & had 1.4mil drops) & you don’t have to use the trainer just update the app which should be automatic, log in & skip the calibration & you should see the drops

Paul Allen - I use a laptop for Zwift & didn’t need to connect trainer, just update the App, log in & skip the calibration etc the drops are there. I am level 21 & had 1.4mil drops, pretty easy tbh.

I really would love to ride my S-Works Tarmac SL6 in Swift. Any chance this frame is comming to the Drop Shop?

no need to connect trainer, at least if you use a laptop, when you try to log in today after the drop shop, update & the drops will be there after skipping the calibration process & going to the garage

the Tarmac is an option, not sure which variation it is. Some frames are locked until certain levels are reached even if you have enough drops which is slightly annoying!

And NO Drops for Level 18???

Is your App up to date. When you login skip the pairing process, click OK, and then you should see it rain Drops.

no - everyone should have drops, make sure you have updated the App on what device you are using to play then they will be visible straight away

I die the Update Today

Thanks for all your hard work Jon and Team Zwift.

I am exited to try the Ramp test, I have been dabbing with the idea to do a Ramp test but never wanted to go thru the effort of setting up the workout.

If I can make one suggestion: The number of drops is constantly changing, would it be possable to change it so that once you reach 1,000,000 it drop the last 3 zeros and show 1.000M. That will keep it exciting for new riders seeing there number go up but for those that has been around the block a few times it will not constantly update.

Edit: This will also include 10,000 will then be 10.0K. The last two digest change just to often.