Zwift Game Release: The Drop Shop

Zwift insider reports we should receive 1,000 drops for each ride on received. I have received no drops for ride ons. Is Zwift insider just incorrect? or problem with my account? I seem to be received drops just fine for riding along. Thanks!


Same here. No drops for receiving Ride Ons. However, I am racking up over 24000 drops per hour, which seems quite fast, since I only received about 2700 drops per hour retroactively.

Technically, I didn’t connect a trainer. I skipped pairing, but did “start a ride”.

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Great news Jon,

can u explain how dropz are earned exactly? I ve read everything on social networks

when we ride downhill do the increase?

do rideons received or badge unlocked give us extra dropz?

Thx a lot…

My bike frames disappeared after spending all my drops


I was only 7 miles short of unlocking the Trek Madone. Oh well, at least I already had the Zwift Aero. I assume they are somewhat equivalent.

So us runners are getting dressed in the garage now. :slight_smile:


You mean from accumulating XP? I think they still exist.

Is it my imagination, or did the odometer display change from “round” to “floor?” If it did, kudos!

In any case, it’s nice that the XP award now coincides with the odometer “ones” digit changing.


I dare say most of us cyclists don’t get dressed in the garage either… :wink:

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I have problems with my connection to ZwiftPower. But I don”t know who can help me with that.

met vriendelijke groeten,

Geert Pittillion

XP still exists, but judging by the ZwiftInsider article, levelling will no longer unlock bikes.

Some of the items now available in the Drop Shop were previously available only as level unlocks (levels 1-25). These unlocks have been changed with today’s game update, so only “soft goods” like jerseys, hats, gloves, etc will be given as level achievements moving forward. Leveling up now gives you access to purchase certain items, but you also must have enough Drops to make the purchase.


You should create a new thread for this issue, this thread is for the new update (Drops).

Oh that is a bit pants but maybe i’ll accumulate drops quicker than XP, plus I can choose what to buy instead so maybe its not all bad.

I would much rather Zwift spend their $120 million on actually developing a contiguous cycling ‘continent’ by merging all the worlds into one ridable island chain and actually fixing all the glaring graphical bugs and inconsistencies to improve the base experieince instead of wasting development hours on what are essentially CS:GO skins :frowning:

wasted dev time imho at this point in zwifts dev cycle. fix the base game first before adding pointless fluff.


I agree with Zwift needing to make their customer experience a priority. But the goal of receiving an investment is to grow the company into a profitable business. Part of that is making the customers happy and growing that base. But my guess is that since the majority of the items in the Drop Shop are branded, those companies are paying Zwift to make them available. This opens a whole new revenue stream for Zwift and pushes them toward profitability. It’s essentially a paid advertising model that is unobtrusive to the customers in that we get to ride with the gear that we like, and the advertisers get to expose their brand to the other riders that see us riding with their gear.


Yea, Thought it was the SL5 model. My mistake.

Still not the S-Works model, but that does not really matter to much. I can run the same bike both in Swift aswell as outside. :smiley: Thank you Swift

I lost a bike that I just purchased!!! hahahahahah wtf

I don’t understand your mail; where and how can I create a new thread?

met vriendelijke groeten,

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