Zwift Game Release: The Drop Shop

(Andrew) #42

I’m level 44 and didn’t get credited any drops. Starting to get some now as I ride around, but none retrospectively. Assume this is a bug that affects more than just one person and will be fixed?

(Joe) #43

Drops counter is always visible and is constantly increasing during game. Please make an option to turn off the drop counter in settings or have the drops counter increment in 10s or 100s.

(Gino Verbiest) #44

Hi Jon,

I recently joined the zwift community. I have reached level 10 and unlocked a few items and also the tour of Italy challenge. Since i’m new at this I researched at zwift insider how to participate this challenge, there it says to push “T” in game, however since the update if I press “T” I go straight to the Drop Shop. Can you tell me if it now starts this challenge automatically or if I have to do something else?

Kind regards

Gino from Belgium


(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #45

There is no challenge or mission to enter for Drops, it’s automatically earn.

(Gino Verbiest) #46

that was not the question, the question was how to enter the challenge, zwift insider says press T, but that leads me to the drop shop, everything about the drops was well explained, i have no question about that, it’s all about the challenge that im inquiring

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #47

What Challenge are you referring to? Are you referring to the Tour of Italy? Click Menu and then click the image in the upper right corner (could still be on the default Tour of California) and select another challenge and then you should be able to choose the Tour on Italy.

This thread is for the new release, you should have started a new thread for your question.

(Gino Verbiest) #48

thank you

(Mo) #49

Love the new addition - however, I started with 1,400,000 drops approx, bought a sweet canyon for approx 450,000 and now have only 45,000 left? I’m not great at subtraction but seems like I just lost some sweet drops! Where’d they go?

(Craig) #50

Sweet update, but early problems. I used some of my 1.36 million drops to buy a Venge and Zipp disc wheel on my Mac, then headed over to Apple TV to ride and the money I spent was still missing, but no sign of frame or wheels. I re-bought the wheels hoping to see a message ‘you’ve already bought these’ or similar but, nope, more drops gone. Now I’ve paid twice for the wheels and am missing a frame. Discappointed (96906).

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #51

Check out this thread: UPDATE: Drop Shop: purchased items not showing up in garage

(Jim) #52

I just updated ZCA, but I don’t see my Drops balance anywhere. Did I just miss it?

(Daren) #53

OK, how can someone have more than 1.6bn Drops?


(Jason Hohulin [BASE]) #54

Hi Jon. Thanks for the info.

I’m fairly new to Zwift, but I’m really enjoying it and can tell it’s really going to help me improve. I’m part of a 1,000+ person triathlon team, Base Performance. We have teammates around the world, but are mostly in the US.

One of our team partners is Wahoo and I’m currently using their newest kickr. I’ve also started a team in Zwift Power which already has 30 people as is growing.

Anyway, the owner of Base Performance saw that another team had their own kit in Zwift and want to see if someone could get the Base team to have a jersey. If possible I could provide a picture of our kits to be put into the game.

I’d really appreciate the help or maybe you could forward this on to the right person.


Jason Hohulin

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #55

You should vote up and comment on this request than: Club jersey for Bolt Race Team

(Jim) #56

No answer in forum

(Lindsay) #57

Zwift Insider is incorrect

(Josh) #58

He wasn’t, but I see he hadsupdated it. You don’t get 1,000. You get an increased rate of drops accumulation for about 15 seconds. Have to be moving. If sitting still, no extra drops.

(Aaron) #59

So no drops while on the trainer in the pen waiting for an event to start?

(Daren) #60

Yep. Bummer as I gave all my KISS Community League ride Ons in the pen last night.

I wonder if the effect stacks when you get multiple Ride Ons in quick succession.

(Ulli) #61

The new drops counter on the main screen is a visually very loud and distracting UI element. To me it represents nothing but meaningless visual clutter. It doesn’t add anything to a cycling experience. We don’t need constant updates on what can be “purchased in a store”. To me it dramatically degrades the Zwift experience. Please remove the drops counter or add an option that allows users to turn it off. Thanks!