Club jersey for Bolt Race Team

(Jessica) #1

As one of the largest non-country based Zwift Teams, and one of the oldest teams around, it’s extremely disappointing to still not have a club jersey.

A couple other reasons to support this:

  1. We have been trying to get in-game kit since before the custom jersey program was shuttered
  2. At least two teams I’ve noticed have received new in-game kit this November/December 2018 (ODivaZ, AHDR)
  3. AHDR are on their second set of in-game kits

Please note that we’re not upset about AHDR getting new kit when they already had kit. I think it’s awesome for them and they look great! We love what AHDR has done for social riding on Zwift, and continues to do!

Finally, thank you to all of the non-BRT Zwifters that have also voted for our petition so far; the support from the community has been fantastic to experience.

UPDATE: As to why this matters: Zwift Support said that if we can get enough visibility and backing in the support forums, there’s a better chance of the developers supporting getting us our kit. So get your zwifting friends to help us out!!!

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(Phil Whiteley[BRT]zhrD) #2

It’s very strange we haven’t been given one. We’ve been asking for years

(Aaron Barry [BRT]) #3

Very strange. Please, please can we have one :+1:

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(Mike Heath [BRT]) #4

This is needed for a much loved and highly motivated team.

(Z Kryder) #5

How many members do you have?
My group has just achieved the 500 mark but not before Zwift announced they were not continuing with custom jerseys. It is a bit disappointing, as a year ago that was the main qualification.
I’m told a sponsor could qualify for a jersey, if they do so in your favor. But, usually sponsors want their own version available to everyone with qualifying rides/challenges.

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(Jessica) #6

We’re the fifth largest team on ZwiftPower, (top four are country based: Team Poland, Zwift Riders Germany, Danish Bike Riders, Team Italy), largest dedicated racing team, and the second most active based on ZP Efforts, with 371 members currently, and we add more to our ranks on a weekly basis.

Teams smaller than ours have club kit already, and Team AHDR are on their second kit, with mens and womens specific jerseys (so three in total).

(Juanjo) #7

+1 the passion that Rob Bolt put in Zwift and his team really deserve a KIT.

(Daren) #8

Where was that announcement? I haven’t heard it. I’ll be bitterly disappointed if that’s true.

(Paul) #9

There is this on Zwift’s support site:

(T HE MONK [BRT]) #10

Co.e on Zwift… make it happen… one of the oldest and largest teams with no shirt… NOT RIGHT

(Daren) #11

Oh I think I read that once before, but didn’t take it to mean they aren’t continuing with them permanently.

Custom/club jerseys are a fundamental aspect of social groups and teams, so it’d be a travesty if they didn’t support them. It’s bad enough they’re so opaque about the whole thing.

(David) #12

We so deserve a team kit, after putting in so much work it’d be fitting for Rob’s team to have their own kit. C’mon Zwift, help us out.

(John Bergenske[BRT]) #13

BRT continues to be a team promoting what the best of Zwift organized racing and groups has to offer. The members of BRT have been requesting an in game jersey for literally years at this point only to be told by BRT admin that Zwift is not approving the request for a variety of reasons. Dear Zwift admin, THIS IS A NO BRAINER, BRT has done a tremendous amount to support the growth of Zwift, please help them to continue to grow and contribute by granting their request for an in game jersey.

(Andrew Anson) #14

Please do this Zwift. I know you can’t do this for all requests, but this is one is the 5th largest team on Zwift Power!

(🔧 The Mechanic) #15

The team has over 350 members.
The female only team has over 60 members.
Our events group has over 700 members.

(Thomas Sevila) #16

Offcourse The Bolt team should have it’s own yersey. I’ts an cool team, with some of the best races in my point of wiew.


(A rt Pacione [BRT] ZHR (E)) #17

BRT has been supporting the Zwift Racing program for the past couple of years providing great races for all aspects of cycling like, Ages League, Criterium League, Iron Goat League & the Time Trial League.
This is a large amount of support which BRT has provided the Zwift community so providing a Team BRT Kit is the least Zwift could do.

(Darren Holmes INC 👽) #18

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know with this sort of thing :neutral_face:

(⚡ THE MIG.[BRT]) #19

Come on Zwift, do it, 358 customers already ask for it. (or even better, as an improvement request introduce a feature (like so many MMOs out there) for the main owner to create a kit for the team)

(Scott Main [BRT]) #20

It would great, I also understand that this request would cost a man hour or two for the development team of Zwift.
Would it help if we find a way to pay for the time?

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