Club jersey for Bolt Race Team

agree. it’s absolutely disappointing

Or give people the tools to create their own kits, and then pass on to Zwift for possible approval

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Would you be happy with a 'standard template" where you pick the color and have a text box? Actually, if we could do that for groups then it could be done as a bonus for level 50 riders…personal jersey!!

Love riding with BRT, great support and exposure…Super events and many more. We deserve the in game BRT kit

Can say this particular story has a happy conclusion!


I came to post the same thing. :smiley:


Great news! What’s the unlock code for this awesome jersey? :slight_smile:

There is no unlock code at present, Zwift refuse to use this feature anymore. Kit is currently manually assigned to members, but even that is getting push back now :confused:

This seems like a needless administrative overhead. The only upside is that of ensuring exclusivity, isn’t it? Can’t see it being scalable. But of course, jerseys are so horribly constrained I don’t suppose scalability is much of an issue.

From Zwift, you mean? What would the alternative be?

So Zwift, can the over 600 ZwiftOff riders get a jersey now?

BRT were given kit as part of the Zwift Classics.