Team’s KIT

Hello everyone. I’ve been on zwift for a couple of months and it seems like an excellent platform for doing sports and getting motivated every day. I joined a team, specifically ZESP. I have found that virtual teams, unless they are professionals, do not have the possibility to carry their personalized team kit. I understand that this is a great job on the part of the Zwift HQ team, but I also understand that, being a team with more than 500 riders in Zwiftpower, we should have the possibility to create our own kit. I would like to hear opinions of what you think about this topic. I also understand that they are working on new routes and circuits, but perhaps they should dedicate some of their programmers to make possible the dreams of many team members, to bring their own team kits. I await your opinions and take this opportunity to thank the Zwift HQ team for the great work they do.


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