Optional Club Kit

Just like when I ride with my local clubs, I wear my team or club kit. So it would be great to have the ability to upload a team or club kit.

Would be useful to be able to have a simple designer we you could create a custom jersey i.e. select simple design and colours and have ability to upload logo or add text. Perhaps needs to be approved to ensure that nothing is ‘dodgy’ or is offensive.
Something similar to the way some custom cycling jersey websites operate.
When out of the road it makes us feel proud to show off our teams/club colours so would be good if we can get this into Zwift.


This was posted by Eric of Zwiftinsider the other day on a Facebook thread:


Start simple even if its just a jersey single colour with ability to add logo/text would be great. I am sure it will evolve after that due to popularity with perhaps more elaborate designs/colour options. I would not expect that ability to reproduce full kits of teams from the start as many are very complex.


From what I’ve heard, that’s a long-term goal for Zwift. Creating custom kits is time-consuming for the Zwift artists, and it doesn’t sound like an automated process is currently being worked on. I wouldn’t expect to see custom kits any time soon.

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There are plenty of simple software platforms that let you design kits (for lots of sports) - maybe partnering with one of them would be the simplest solution to provide what I believe would be a well used option. Could even make it an additional cost and I’m sure many would take up the option.

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Don’t those platforms output something like a PDF or Adobe Illustrator file? I think the time consuming part for Zwift is converting vector files to files that can be mapped to 3D geometry in Zwift. Ideally there would be an automated system to handle the conversion process, but Zwift does not have that capability at present.

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Just been reading this… :wink:

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For now just wear the zwift Beta kit that is in ur garage. I do it while riding the Tron to amuse myself


Although jerseys is the ultimate thing we all want it sounds like its way down the track.

How about something that can identify you as a club mate in the rider list? Not sure how it should look, especially since you can belong to more than one club.

Also could have another tab in the zwifters tab, ALL, Following, Club?

My group has been in this process for a while. This takes time and resources and doesn’t come quickly. ZHQ is dealing with a ton of requests and there are minor issues like ride scheduling, coding, the fence and the promised UI release. We’ve had to school our members and ourselves to patience. For now, I wear my physical Herd kit when I lead rides.

Knowing this is and has been a hot topic, an idea is to have a kit design/creation tool. This tool would have very limited functionality like: 2 or 3 basic patterns, 2 tone color selection, and area for text and a graphic.

The intent here is to move the design efforts from Zwift to the team leaders and get the Zwift team in an “approver” mode. So that they check for profanity and inapproptrate images.

I do this with my boss. I do all the work and then ask for an approval or if not, changes needed to get approved.

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“Your Club Here?” :crazy_face: :slightly_smiling_face: I like it.

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Just going to drop this in here:

This part is also a huge bottleneck though, one would expect. I mean, thousands of people could submit designs for approval.

Allowing any sort of text or graphic to be entered by people requires this step though. Heck, even if you just give people some basic shapes to use, creative ones will still find ways to be rude with them.

See the FPS game Diabotical for some recent examples - they have a sticker system, where you can only use the pre-approved and provided stickers. You can resize them, scale, rotate and mirror them. And stick multiple stickers on your eggbot (avatar). It’s really a great compromise.

But then there are people…


Back in 1993 Indy Car Racer was launched on PC, a great game back then that was made better when the developer launch a livery editor program using a simple vector layout. Where by you designed your livery top & side elevation (in this case jersey design, front, back & side panels) , save and then the vector would be wrapped onto the 3d model.

I dont see why the same principals cannot be applied here, which would keep the file size as small as possible. I do believe a pre-approval of each kit design should be considered (maybe with a fee, like a club membership for vetting) to prevent any unsavoury slogans / images from being used, and limited the kit design editor to only the one user who registers the club with zwift.

I ride for a small club in Dubai, whom use quite a colourful design under the name of TJF Team Jane Fonda which came about when a group of middle aged guys wanted to do their first Gran Fondo but referred to the event as a Jane Fonda.

And I would like so many riders here, love to see my club jersey in the virtual world on virtual club rides.


+1 for me.

That would be fun to have!

I truly hate to bring this up, but what happens when a rider rage quits a club or is expelled? Will club leaders expect Zwift to reach into Garages to remove the kit? On top of the ever-growing pile of administrivia that that folks want ZHQ to do, do we add nanny?
From personal experience kit can lead to High Drama.

Yes there will be drama. I’ve been a part of a number of online groups in gaming where there was a difference of opinion which resulted in the dissolution of the group and in most cases, everything we had worked towards as a group. This is the nature of community driven group.

The likelihood that Zwift HQ plays a role in being a “nanny” to any of this is almost zero for a number of different reasons.


In the absence of an in-game kit design function, assuming the Zwift designers are slammed with other projects, and just for a bit of fun… I couldn’t help myself!