Custom Jersey file format

Now that I’ve seen several Australian club jerseys available in Zwift, I would like to add our own club “St. George” kit to it.

What is the procedure in submitting a custom kit, as in file format, codes, etc ?



The advice I saw about it is pretty old, so may well not apply any more. But your club needs to be pretty big - as in hundreds of members, and a significant proportion have to be riding on Zwift. 

So my club with about 100 members and about 4 who use Zwift probably wouldn’t quality :wink:

Thanks for the reply!


Well, St. George is the oldest cycling club in Australia and while not as big as the others, there are still quite a few who visit Zwift regularly.

Would love to get an advice from Zwift themselves! :slight_smile:


When i used to paint for a nascar game back in the day, photoshop templates were available to the public to allow people to paint their own schemes and then upload them to the game by saving the file to the folder that contained all of the cars.  Obviously there were more steps to it but that was the general concept.  Its been a long time over 10 years so i forget the exact procedure, but I recall making a copy of an in game car so when others raced against you, if they didnt have your new car file, they would still be able to see an original car.

So, in order for others to see your new car, they would need your new car file which you would send to your friends, teammates, or to a race coordinator who would make a zip file of everyones new schemes for download before the race so everyone could see each others new colors.  No idea how zwift manages its files so can’t say this would work here but the concept is there if the game allows for more kits/bikes to be added, which from what im finding, seems to be true.  plausible?   It sure would be cool to be riding my bike and team kit :) 

that would be awesome !!

please if anybody knows how this can be done - uploading club jersey onto zwift - please let me know how!  thanks