Upload Custom jerseys

 Ability to upload custom jerseys / Kits , could be a paid incentive if needed ( you would pay extra to do this )


Also, maybe a graphics editor to help you create jerseys or modify existing jerseys

This has been proposed before and I continue to support it. It is a bit of a can of worms as I’m not sure if .pdf files sent to jersey printers would have enough coverage for our wireframe people on Zwift Island. 

Dont agree. Will just ruin the experience with everyones advertising rubbish everywhere or the occasional rude jersey. It’s not a need its a want!

Ability to upload my club’s racing kit would be awesome…just like riding and racing in real life…oh the camaraderie, and eventually to play out sim race tactics. 

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This would be great. Noticed the custom jersey for GCN during an ride with Jens, and would love for our race team to be able to upload ours. Just like real life. 

Do this well and I could see the cycling clothing companies helping to produce the vector art images for Zwift as a bonus.  It would involve sharing with them some template files and a bit of instruction. 

When riding with people I know (teammates, friends), it would be really terrific if we had our own jerseys so that we can see who we’re riding with. Particularly useful after getting dropped on a hill…trying to catch up, would be helpful to recognize a teammate/friend by their jersey instead of having to watch the who’s-nearby-list.

Brett, I understand your concern but I think this is a reasonable suggestion. The downside is that I agree it would need to be moderated, with some sort of approval process before the jersey makes it into the game. 

I’m definitely keen to have my real world club jerseys in the game if at all possible.

It has been a while since this post was originally posted, from what I have seen, there has been some developments on this from Zwift. I have seen a St Kilda Cycling club, a Canberra Cycling club ( i have even got one on zwift), and a few others on occasion.

i guess you need to contact Zwift and submit a ticket with your club jersey design    and they will take it from there.

Where are they on this feature?

I’m so ready for this feature! This is what our Pico de Gallo 100 Bike Ride cycling jersey would look like. I would love to wear this one once I completed the 100 miles on Zwift.

How about this…

A Zwift Marketplace where modders can create custom artwork and models for jerseys, bikes, etc. and sell their goods. Zwift would control what goes into the Marketplace and be like Apple to make sure nothing inappropriate goes into it.

I would be willing to pay a couple of dollars for a new jersey, shoes, etc.


I think this is a great idea at a Club level. Have the club sign up for a Club Membership which would allow the club to endorse Zwift as the training platform. The club gets their custom jerseys and Zwift gets free marketing as the club would be encouraging their members to sign up for Zwift. Clubs could then schedule club rides and help build the Zwift community


I own a custom cycling clothing company (I won’t say which one since this is not a forum to promote us) but I can say that we would absolutely create Zwift compliant versions of our customer’s kits as part of our art process.  

Looks like this conversation died. I’d love to see this.  If anything, allowing teams/clubs to register and then upload their kits.  This should prevent any abuses of the system.  That would be sweet!

How about zwift provide a 3d model or flat image mapping to get it done in photoshop.

The person send it for approval and if needs to be changed to remove sponsors or bad naming, so be it. It’s  a process almost like a app for the apple store.

any idea if this option to create a club kit ?

But is possible anyway make custom clothing in Zwift?

Hey Zwift, I think the cycling community is ready for this… Any hope to see this in the near future?

Here’s another vote for custom jerseys.  As pointed out above, zwift could set up a shop for custom stuff each with approval and maybe take half the costs for themselves to spend on zwift or to pay for the extra coding and server space needed for all the new designs while giving the other half to the kit designers.  At the end of the day, i can wear what the hell i like on the real roads so why not on zwift?

Come on Zwift - open this up please and make this a lot more fun!