Having a Club jersey

I run a cycling team and the riders want to have the team jersey as their riders does anyone know when this would be Available

Are you talking about creating a custom jersey in game?


Hi there
Yes I have my own team custom jersey and wanted it on my Avatar


Moved this to feature requests. There’s no custom jersey creation at the moment but thank you for the request!


Apart from possible game engine limitations (I’ve heard that’s one reason Zwift are so sluggish on getting more jerseys in the game, but I’m not sure if it’s accurate), a big problem with any sort of user-generated content is that of moderation.

If they gave us the tools to create jerseys that would be seen by other players, it opens the path to abuse. Pornographic jerseys, Nazi imagery, whatever; there are so many things that could be done.

So there’d have to be some sort of approval mechanism.

But yeah, I really hope it’ll be possible to get our own club and virtual team jerseys into the game…


I think the easiest way would be if we could email them the design and they uploaded to our accounts so they still have the control


Sure, but we still need to skills to produce the skin. Maybe not too bad if it’s a very straightforward map and design, but rendering a 2D image onto a 3D model isn’t something that’s trivial.

And if we just give them a flat design and they have to produce a version suitable for the game, can you imagine the overhead at their end of responding to hundreds or thousands of jersey requests?

It’s a big problem to overcome I think, but they’ve kinda created the problem by putting in jerseys for some teams already. There are virtual teams and real world clubs with jerseys in game, and it seems very random. Why Mid Devon CC for example?

It sets expectations for the rest of us that we should be able to have our clubs in game. You’re far from the first person to suggest it, and I’ve no doubt more will in future. =)


Bkool had a kit design feature in their software and that was a couple of years ago. Ok so it was basic enough but it had range of designs that it was possible to create something very close to any club kit. Can’t be that hard to sort.

Very much depends whether you want a vague approximation, or a pretty faithful representation of your jersey. The ones in-game at the moment are the latter.

I’m not familiar with Bkool’s thing, but if you can upload vector artwork (or maybe even a transparent PNG) I guess it could work well enough.

Still need the moderation though.

Yep, a ton of moderation, and that’s after QA’ing the implementation itself :sweat_smile:

Not a bad idea at all, just adding my two cents on what it would take to make that feature presentable.

Can this be done as a Paid option? For example if our club wants to get a virtual Jersey for 6 month period we could pay to produce and moderate it in a ZWIFT? Does this help to move things faster :wink: ?


Yeah not too sure about that lol but it’s a creative idea for sure!

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I do not recall that ever being a problem in Quake.


Hehehe, yeah but in Quake you had to deliberately download the relevant .pcx files and put them into the relevant directory. (IIRC, anyway - Quake was more than 20 years ago!)

So no one would see your ■■■■ skin unless they wanted to - and Quake models/skins were such low fidelity that no one would have been able to tell it was pornographic anyway. :smiley:

Now, Quake 2 and replacement models was another story perhaps, but you’d still have to explicitly go looking for them.

I suppose with autodownload mods it was a bit more of a risk, but exposure would only have been a handful of people on the current server. Max 32 or so I reckon. Not quite the same as thousands of people in a subscription product being exposed to indecent material. :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah, being able to modify skins was one of the coolest thing about Quake series games. My clan had a load of personal skins. These were our base skins for Q2:

image image

And some of the personal ones:


Bet you can’t guess what out clan theme was… :smiley:


Not trying to beat a dead horse here but aside from all the vetting that can be done by Zwift, can we also incorporate a fee to upload a jersey. Maybe as a incentive…? Those that have a proper jersey and are willing to pay a fee will get pushed forward.


They already have this, some charities will send a link for their kit if you give enough.

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I think he means us paying Zwift to get a jersey in the game, rather than us paying a charity to get access to a jersey that’s already in the game.

I don’t really see the merit in a fee though. Either it’ll be so trivial that any club can cover it by getting members to chip in, or so high that only a select few with deep pockets can buy their way in. And the latter is certainly not a good thing.


Yes I got that he meant for clubs and companies. The point of my comment was if they do it now I would think contact Zwift marketing and given that a fee was mentioned objective achieved.

I agree with you about the fee though, either it will be high, it seem to me now with the massive membership fee hike they have decided to milk the cash cow. More members and higher fee whats not to like from their side, not so good from ours. I’m looking at other platforms now.

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Most have been already said. I can only speak for myself. I would be willing to pay a one-time fee for a custom (real world replica) jersey. I guess that a free, build-in jersey designer with pre-defined pattern and color options could make a lot of people happy.


Well, i do not think it is a big deal for them…i would really appreciate getting my club jersey into zwift, organize club rides etc…i have contacted them many times and did not even get a reply, while others were able to establish a clublersey pretty easily.
it is a big pain in the butt to not ride with my own design club jersey, it is a online game and it should be possible.
my 2cents

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