Super Common Feature Requests

(Vincent W.) #1

As some of our veteran Zwift Forumers can ascertain, the Feature Requests section often sees many many duplicate topics. No one’s fault (well maybe’s someone’s) but I’ve decided to make a list of common feature requests that will be in essence “retired” to only one topic each. The linked to topic will be the go-to topic to voice your opinions on the requests and all other topics will be closed. This will clear up some of the clutter and keep the Feature Requests category unique.

If there are any other topics you feel need to be “retired” feel free to comment below:

Request 1'000
(Vincent W.) #2

(Daren Chandisingh [Vision]) #3

Can you merge the other threads into the chosen ones if they’ve had a number of responses?

(Vincent W.) #4

I was searching how to do that before I made this topic and it seems like that isn’t a function? I’m digging in more, but in the mean time I’ll just lock the topics while linking to the main topic in the last post.

(Matthias Urech (Nidibikers)) #5

I did a search for off-road (mtb, gravel, etc.) related requests (clothing, bikes, roads, training plans). The sum of all votes are 50+ votes.

For me it seems that Zwift ignores any of those requests. I understand that simulating off-road is more complex to implement. But having for example one mtb baggy shorts and a jersey can’t be a difficult task.

In my point of view, it’s a matter of commitment and transparency to communicate that Zwift is a place for all cycling communities.

(Rob Lewis) #6

Wouldn’t it just be better to actually put some of these in place, these have all been requested for years in some cases. Those people using the forums are the tip of the Iceberg. Otherwise its just playing lip service.

(Evert Herremans) #7

Yes, people on these forums are the tip of a (smallish) iceberg.

Let’s however not try and pretend that if 25% of all people on this forum want something it automatically extrapolates to 25% of the total zwift population wanting something… I can imagine a lot of people would want World Switching (and it’s inbound) but most of the other things here… I don’t know.
For example: are people really bothered about levels beyond 25? I’m not against it per sé and I’m guessing it doesn’t take a lot of recources to implement of but it’s definitely not make or break for me (and I’m guessing the majority of all Zwifters) and therefor probably not very high on the ‘to implement’ list.