Super Common Feature Requests

As some of our veteran Zwift Forumers can ascertain, the Feature Requests section often sees many many duplicate topics. No one’s fault (well maybe’s someone’s) but I’ve decided to make a list of common feature requests that will be in essence “retired” to only one topic each. The linked to topic will be the go-to topic to voice your opinions on the requests and all other topics will be closed. This will clear up some of the clutter and keep the Feature Requests category unique.

If there are any other topics you feel need to be “retired” feel free to comment below:

Now implemented:

Can you merge the other threads into the chosen ones if they’ve had a number of responses?

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I was searching how to do that before I made this topic and it seems like that isn’t a function? I’m digging in more, but in the mean time I’ll just lock the topics while linking to the main topic in the last post.

I did a search for off-road (mtb, gravel, etc.) related requests (clothing, bikes, roads, training plans). The sum of all votes are 50+ votes.

For me it seems that Zwift ignores any of those requests. I understand that simulating off-road is more complex to implement. But having for example one mtb baggy shorts and a jersey can’t be a difficult task.

In my point of view, it’s a matter of commitment and transparency to communicate that Zwift is a place for all cycling communities.


Wouldn’t it just be better to actually put some of these in place, these have all been requested for years in some cases. Those people using the forums are the tip of the Iceberg. Otherwise its just playing lip service.


Yes, people on these forums are the tip of a (smallish) iceberg.

Let’s however not try and pretend that if 25% of all people on this forum want something it automatically extrapolates to 25% of the total zwift population wanting something… I can imagine a lot of people would want World Switching (and it’s inbound) but most of the other things here… I don’t know.
For example: are people really bothered about levels beyond 25? I’m not against it per sé and I’m guessing it doesn’t take a lot of recources to implement of but it’s definitely not make or break for me (and I’m guessing the majority of all Zwifters) and therefor probably not very high on the ‘to implement’ list.


To be honest, I didn’t really care about having more levels. After seeing the things we are unlocking, I’m not any more motivated to level up than I was when my extra power up points were disappearing into thin air as other racers around me were getting useful power ups. I would have rather those resources were going into functional parts of Zwift that users have been asking and begging for.

1: World swap
2: Saving and other menu options
3: PB Bots
4: Automation of private events/races
5: HUD customization
6: Expanding Watopia
7: Garage/shop to customize bike, kit, etc. (Think most driving game garages that you can upgrade the cars)
8: Customizable routes for free riding and events.


I can say that although I have no word on these features being implemented, Zwift HQ is very aware of the desire for all of them.


Not of all of the things you are asking for are being asked for by the ENTIRE community.

The number 1 most requested item is obviously world swap and Zwift has already confirmed that this will be implemented during this winter season.
Also the number 6 on your list (expanding Watopia) has been confirmed, namely a new flat expansion for Watopia. Also on the calender for this winter season.

Hopefully we’ll get both these features at least within the next 2-3 months.

I found this at Zwiftinsider … maybe your dreams will come true :wink:

>> ... Zwift chose to go with these soft unlocks because the Virtual Store is launching 
>>  soon, and this is where bikes and wheels will be purchased using Zwift’s virtual 
>> “Dropz” currency....

here is the link to the article … Zwift Levels 26-50: Requirements, Unlocks and Accelerated Leveling | Zwift Insider

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My partner and I have been using the Zwift free trial and love it. We would definitively love to keep on using Zwift. However nearly 15 € per head and per month is a lot, too much for our very narrow budget. Couldn’t have a pricing for Family accounts? That would be awesome. Thanks for considering our request. Happy new year 2019 to all the Zwift community!


Do these microtransactions mean Zwift is going free-to-play, or is this just another way to squeeze revenue out of the userbase?

as far as I know, Dropz will NOT be real $$ nor you can buy it.

It’s just another name for current “XP bonus points” and you’ll be able to choose what to “buy” (how to use them) … note this feature is not officially announced yet (just rumors) so nobody knows details …

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Can we have a lap timer? That would be cool. Push the space bar to get it going. Hit the bar again to start the second lap, etc…

Thank you.



Feature requests:

Progress indicator during ride

Better side view of terrain to allow anticipation of grade changes (especially with trainer difficulty at 100%)

Workout or route-finished indicator - waving checkered flag, confetti, claxons and cheers - anything would be good.


Add Kona Ironman Course ??!!?!


Add more flexibility to the training plans … missing a workout that is locked Sucks Royal (because of whatever reason!!! I want to do the workouts … let me do the workouts … at least save the individuals ones out somewhere to do individually … I tried to import but Apple TV is limited … GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR … come on work with me here … ARRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGG


Hi Zwift Team,
Enjoying Zwift Running today I thought about a 400m Race track for some speedy intervals. What do you think about integrating that one in Watopia? I doubt that it would be a big deal for you?


I was wondering if there would be anyway of incorporating in the companion app a way to increase target watts during a workout or lowering them of course!

If you’re feeling good would be good to have option of pushing yourself?

Thank you

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