Super Common Feature Requests

I’m pretty sure the Companion app already has increase/decrease buttons on the the workout screen.

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Yep, it’s already there and it’s called FTP Bias. This option allows you to increase or decrease your FTP or workout intensity by up to +/-10%.

Here is a link for it: How-To: Adjusting the Difficulty of a Workout | Zwift

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Doh!!! I thought that may well be it!! However for some stupid reason I thought it had something to do with bias of pedals…:joy::joy: showing my naivety! Thank you for the response!

PB Bots would be super-motivating especially if you could select not just yourself but whatever time is needed to claim a live jersey or set an arbitrary target time

I would also love to see more info/graphics on climbs about what’s ahead like the way it’s done on AdZ it similar

For the far-distant future anything that makes it more realistic like braking into corners and accelerating out of them, genuine crash risk, turning, all that good stuff

I will also vote against world changing as being a top priority. Any expansion of terrain, like desert flats, Titans grove, gravel roads, coastal rolling hills, new cities like Sydney (!) with lots of shorter power climbs etc. will be orders of magnitude more valuable than the vast majority of more peripheral requests on these forums and Zwift has been Great with expansion

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Unless world changing just means always having Watopia as an option which has obviously already happened and then I agree that’s a good thing

I would also like to see more notice on upcoming KOM’s, especially the sprint points being counted into them with 200/100M to go so you can time your sprint better as the margins to win the jerseys are thin at best

Well, now Zwift says (October 2019) that there are at least two things they have been working on for more that 6 months. Eric Min has already stated a year ago that personal best bots, or ghost riders, is something Zwift wants. But like all things in Zwift, it has to be fully ready and polished before being released. Or in other words, there is no deadline.
I would hope for another big mountain or something added near the Alp since the Jungle pens were just recently finished and released. There’s always the back side of the Alp to expand. Or maybe, just maybe, the rumors about Watopia Island 2 is true. At some point, Watopia expansion becomes unnecessary. I do like surprises. I just wish I knew when to expect them.

“But like all things in Zwift, it has to be fully ready and polished before being released.”

This made me chuckle, considering the number of bug reports after each update. I’m not saying Zwift do a lazy job, just that the updates seem to not be all that polished.


As an adaptive cyclist riding a recumbent trike on a CycleOps H2 why isn’t there an option to have a trike avatar vs a traditional DF Bike? I am sure I am not the only adaptive cyclist on here? I am only half way through my free week


It’s worth voting up the various requests for hand cycles as well as the one posted above. I understand they’re not necessarily exactly what you’re after, but supporting the idea of different cycle types can’t hurt.

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Agree !! I just had a frustrating afternoon of using Zwift and in the end cancelled out of a 8 week build up program ( after 5 weeks ) and started something else because of the lack of flexibilty,

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I just saw the second island is a “Crit city” (Crit City Is Coming–Take a Sneak Peek! | Zwift Insider) I guess it would have been too hard to put a little extra effort into expanding Richmond for this?

Edit: Whoops wrong link Check Out Eric Min’s Crit City Strava Leak! | Zwift Insider

They won’t change Richmond. Originally, the High Roads of New York were designed to be added to Richmond. I thought it would make it more fun. But they look great in New York.

Sadly I know. I just feel like Zwift has made the mother ship (watopia) and a bunch of fragments that never get their fair shake to make them as nice as they could be. London and NYC seem to get the biggest shakes and I think that shows, even though NYC is one of my least favorites to ride.

New York isn’t my favorite either. I actually love Yorkshire but I almost always ride Watopia. So much to choose from.

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Could you add the ability to access your garage and Drop Shop from the set up page or companion app? That way we could select our bike/wheels prior to entering the map.


let me do a workout when I have time. I got up early to do a workout and it wouldn’t let me. Is there a way around this?

some of the training plans have all the workouts listed in the main workout section, so if it wasn’t available yet you could choose it as an individual workout. There are other feature requests to get rid of the time restrictions, make sure you vote for them.

I’m not an adaptive rider, but I do ride a recumbent. I just like to go fast and far!
Ditto on the recumbent avatar. I ride an AZUB 20 (full suspension) and my trainer setup is with a CruzBike S30.
Along with the recumbent avatar we should get a slight reduction on RPMs in the training routines. 115 RPM on a recumbent feels like 110 RPM on a diamond frame.


When cycling, and trying to choose which Route to start, it would be great to see which Routes I already have as a Badge.
Additionally, when I view my Badges during an existing Ride, I should be able to click on one of those and it ask me if I want to start that one as a new Route (even if I can’t switch Worlds, I should be able to move to the start of the new Route within the World I’m already in). That would allow me to get multiple Badges per riding session as I could never remember how to navigate to a route and stay on it w manual turns.
Add ability to see Badges (noting which have been achieved and remain) within the Companion app.


Also, add badges to setup or companion to help identify goals before starting ride and might guide route choices. Silly, to start a ride to see badges then delete the ride you didnt really do.